Monday, April 23, 2012

Plans, Plans.

I have no idea how many house plans the average married couple designs over the course of 12 years of marriage, but I am betting that Jeff and I fall on the high end of that range.  We started drawing out house plans on AutoCAD in about 2000.  I think the first one that we ever played around with was for living in an huge old silo.  From there, we have thought, scratched, stewed, measured, and drawn quite a number of houses.  Our last house, the Bethlehem house, was so unfinished when we bought it, that we were able to plot its transformation out, as well.  With my lack of spacial relations skills, and Jeff's lack of... well... patience with a lack of spacial relations skills, it's amazing we enjoy such a hobby.

I think we are getting close to designing the very last house we will ever do.  All of the sketches and lines and frame diagrams are getting a little old.  For the first time, I get the feeling that we are nearing the final draft.  My job is now to get us on a budget so that we can break ground in about a year.  So, I am going to need to muster up some hearing impaired brain cells, so they can block out the chaos around me and fire financial synapses in the right direction.  I don't know how, but I'll find the ability to make it work.

Jeff and Randy have managed to pull both of the ends of Randy's barn up off of the ground with their pulleys and ropes and tractor.  I am amazed... not that they succeeded, but that no one ended up in the hospital.

The neighbor to our property that we will build on has a tree service.  He has brought surplus trees over to Randy's for us to cut down and use!  Now, that's an awesome situation for someone crazy enough to mill their own lumber to be in.  I am guessing that this lumber will be used to build a solar kiln on the property.  I am interested to see just what that entails... and just how possible it will be for me to one day turn it into a greenhouse!

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