Tuesday, February 26, 2019


We found a wonderful siding crew that put up our artisan series hearty plank for us.  They were top notch!  The braces that Jeff and Randy built and put in the barn back in 2013 are finally getting their time to shine. (And the best part?  We didn't do it ourselves, so it felt like lightening-fast progress with a big awe factor!)

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Interior work

 We have been working on walls non-stop.  There are SO MANY BOARDS in this house... not a single piece of sheetrock whatsoever.  Asa works solo on attic work, Addison and Randy work on painstakingly putting up walls, and I haven't moved from the chop saw since the first floor board was cut.  

Asa, continuing to tackle the attic.

 Jeff's been working on getting the front door in and framed up.  Heart pine frame and rosettes that are getting a second chance at life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Aquarium Homeschool Day

The girls and I headed to Atlanta to the aquarium for their homeschool program.  They had stations set up to teach different concepts (centrifuging blood, habitats, defense mechanisms, etc.) and the students could move station to station.  We were also able to see the big aquarium from behind the scenes!  We watch the caretakers feed the beluga whales and giant rays.  It was awesome!  We'll definitely try to make it to another homeschool day in the future.  

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Wall Boards

Asa continued to drive up and down the road carrying dirt all day.... lucky dog!
Future HVAC unit

I finally found a job on the house site that I am actually good at! I'm not a builder or an engineer. I don't feel comfortable with a lot of the jobs that I'm given out here on the work site. But, I do like to be the one in charge of picking out and cutting the lumber for the floors and walls. I basically hand picked each floor board, cut it, and chose what floor it should be on, what room it should be in, and which side should be seen as a floor and which should be seen as a ceiling. 

Well, I took running the chop saw to a new level last week... I took measurements and cut for a ton of different areas simultaneously... which let me use every bit of each board. Better use of time AND no board waste! I had letters on the walls with corresponding letters on the boards. Different areas require different board quality... I kept two wall “crews” running plus precut for several places.
Plus, I know the right board quality went to the right wall!  By George, I think we just may get all these walls up after all!