Thursday, February 7, 2019

Wall Boards

Asa continued to drive up and down the road carrying dirt all day.... lucky dog!
Future HVAC unit

I finally found a job on the house site that I am actually good at! I'm not a builder or an engineer. I don't feel comfortable with a lot of the jobs that I'm given out here on the work site. But, I do like to be the one in charge of picking out and cutting the lumber for the floors and walls. I basically hand picked each floor board, cut it, and chose what floor it should be on, what room it should be in, and which side should be seen as a floor and which should be seen as a ceiling. 

Well, I took running the chop saw to a new level last week... I took measurements and cut for a ton of different areas simultaneously... which let me use every bit of each board. Better use of time AND no board waste! I had letters on the walls with corresponding letters on the boards. Different areas require different board quality... I kept two wall “crews” running plus precut for several places.
Plus, I know the right board quality went to the right wall!  By George, I think we just may get all these walls up after all!