Monday, January 28, 2019

House Progress...

So, we found a whole lot of used window panes that someone had in their basement.  He had a lot to choose from, and we were able to piece together a way to use them on the side porch to create a sunroom!  Jeff rigged some of them up to raise and open on wooden sliders... and the large ones are stationary.  It's hodge-podged perfection!  I think this is going to be such an amazing space, and I can't WAIT to chill out and take a deep breath out here one day!

Asa on the chop saw.

Addison and Randy working on the master bedroom walls.

The girls set to work staining the porch walls!

Jeff took the time to cut each board around the brace in the half bath.  I think this bathroom is going to be adorable!

Asa got the best job this past weekend.  Our neighbor had extra dirt... which we happened to need.  So, Asa spent the entire day listening to music and driving up and down our road scooping dirt and dumping it at the house.

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