Monday, October 1, 2018

Disneyish / The Hunt for Slate

Let me begin by explaining a little bit about this house concept.  You see, Jeff has had a space in mind for his house for years and years.  Back before Rapunzel's bathroom and little faux tower occupied the space between It's a Small World and the Haunted House, Jeff decided he wanted a house right there in that spot.  

This spot in the Magic Kingdom is where the Sky Buckets (RIP) loaded/unloaded back before they were removed around 98.  After that this awkwardly tight corner of the park was also blank with the exception of a little gazebo and some stroller parking.  It was the perfect blank slate for a new design, Jeff's House.  He uses this location as a focal point for making design decisions.  One key item that he has held onto is that from the exterior the house looks more Liberty Square and from the inside it looks more Fantasy Land.  I've had to tone him down on the design for this house at times... as he would have had me living in a Geppetto's cottage / Belle's Castle combo.  Although amber lanterns and beige plaster with dark beams and deeply colored stained glass everywhere would be pretty, it is not what I would pick out for my forever home décor. He might be nuts, but because I am similarly nuts, it seems this crazy idea may be actually working.

And so, Jeff and I bounce our design plans off of each other... and we are creating an ecclectic space custom made by us, for us.  

With that said...

The porch is ready for a roof.  Jeff managed to find slate on Facebook marketplace for a price we couldn't refuse.  Although the slate roof wasn't super high on my "must have" list, I knew it would look great and, most importantly, that this was big on Jeff's "Disney House" wish list.  So, we grabbed the boys and forced them to come with us on an adventure.  We headed to a gas station, where a golden van was supposed to meet us.  We sat there for quite a while, as they were running a bit late.  Believe it or not, there are a LOT of gold vans out there in the world!  We even saw one with a trailer... but it was empty.  At some point, a big guy was pumping
gas near us, and he all of the sudden started dancing around like crazy!  He leapt up in the air and jumped up onto his car seat... a giant RAT had run out of the gutter, and darted under our van and then right at the guy!  We laughed, he laughed, and the three old guys sitting out behind the gas station laughed.  At that point, the boys did find some humor in this trip.  Gas stations are pretty interesting places to people watch.  After a while, a gold van pulled through.  We all agreed that it probably couldn't be the one.  "That van's not golden enough.... but it sure is ridin' low."  Yep.  That sucker was loaded down with slate.  We all unloaded it, and then they went back for another van load.  By the end, we had more that enough to complete our porch roof.  Jeff has wanted a roof like this on the porch since the beginning, but the price wasn't possible.  Well, he got his wish... and we are one step closer to seeing our ideas become reality.

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