Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Rough Electrical

With the exposed beams, the lack of space between the floors, and no sheetrock anywhere, it was a big of a trick to find the right electrician.  This is a custom job... a job that takes thought and time and creativity.  We found the right guy for the job! Dwayne Mosley (Can Do Electric) looked at the project and didn't flinch.  He's a problem solver, a hard worker, and a great communicator.  Jeff put the light placement, lighting selection, etc. in my court.  (If I called one more supply store and had them say, "You need to ask your builder," I was going to lose it!)  

I drew and sketched and plotted... and then I presented it all to Dwayne.  Having someone who could bounce questions around, throw out possible solutions, and make great suggestions has been a complete relief for me!  I may have drawn up all of the lighting plans myself, but I had no clue about switches... and I didn't have to.  He and I could come up with a plan together.  Talk about a weight off of my shoulders!  The conduit looks great, and I cannot WAIT to see what it looks like when it's all in place and lights are on!

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