Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jabberwalky Fishing

While Jeff has been slaving away at one of his least favorite jobs (stair building), the girls have been spending hours drawing all sorts of types of bait onto different sizes of wood scraps.  They tie them to string from the plumb-bob, and lower it down into the basement stair well...
to fish...
for Jabberwalkies.

These two silly creatures have concocted all sorts of wild scenarios for their jabberywalky fishing expeditions.  There really is a lot to consider… what bait is best for different types of jabberwalkies?  What depth do they like to live in?  How big can they get?

The imaginations on these girls are endless, and it really is entertaining to watch the show.  I think Jeff needed something to lighten the mood.  He really does hate stairs.