Sunday, April 29, 2018

Flooring from the Past

As we get closer and closer to interior work on the house, we had to make a decision on flooring.  Now, like most things about this house, the flooring could not be standard off-the-shelf.  Our upstairs floor joists are on 3' centers.  We need a thick floor board that can be both the upstairs floor and the downstairs ceiling... and it would be great if it fit in with the uniqueness of the house. 

After some searching, we thought we'd decided on some.  But, right before we pulled the trigger we realized that it was cut with a V-Groove, which we did not want.  Thankfully, we were pointed in the direction of some old scouting friends of Jeff's dad... who also went to school with my brother.  They are tearing apart old historic mills in Alabama and repurposing all of the materials for resale.  We headed out for a visit, and this place is an absolute wonderland!  They not only understood exactly what we were looking for, they were able to provide us with enough for all three floors!  We were even able to get some old pressure treated tongue and groove for the side porch!  So, once it's ready, our heart pine 1.25" thick flooring will be coming to us from the roof decking of the historic Langdale Mill.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Framing Up Nicely

Jeff came up with a creative way to round out that corner in the master bedroom!

Master Bath!

And another rounded corner for the powder room.