Saturday, January 6, 2018


Wow, is it COLD!  The week or so has been brutal.  The kids and I have to bundle up in lots of layers to feed the animals, and the water situation is a nightmare!  We are simply not winter weather people... and we can't wait for things to thaw back out again!

Our new mini zebu are fitting right in, and I am completely smitten with them!  I loved my jersey (and I can deal with my jersey/angus), but these little guys have my heart!  Ivey is especially in love with them, and Kyra, our 8 months old bottle fed cow, follows her around like a puppy.  I am so glad I started out with a large breed, because now I am very confident with these little ones.

 The steer will only be with us for a few more days!  Although I've had friends finish off cattle for me in the past, finishing this one off on our own has been very rewarding.  A few days ago, I hooked up the livestock trailer (on my own- whoohoo!) and have been feeding him in it since then.  He goes in and out without hesitation now, which should make Monday night and Tuesday morning run as smooth as it can run.  I've taken hogs to the processor on my own, but this will be my first time with a steer.  Thankfully, we use a fantastic Mennonite butcher that is a joy to work with!