Monday, November 27, 2017

Framing up the Bedroom

In the last couple weeks, we’ve seen some wall panels go up and the master suite started!  We need to get the bedroom section built and dried in to keep the rain off the subfloor.  The first floor SIP panels were no problem, but WOW…. That first second floor wall with panels was a doozie!  Jeff and Mike lifted the heavy wall while Randy, Asa, and I pulled and held it up with ropes.  It was not easy to say the least.  We revamped the technique for the next sections, and it worked more smoothly.  This is one heck of a project for just us as a crew!   

Mike and the boys put down the subfloor and then it was time for something new!  Last weekend, Jeff and Randy began framing up the master area.  Be the end of the weekend, they had framed up the roof over the first section.  The boys and I pulled out rough cut boards from one of the many stacks out back and sanded them.  These will be the exposed ceiling boards for the master area, and Jeff even began putting some up by the time the sun went down on Sunday!