Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Shipping Containers

I am in love with my shipping containers!  They were dropped off in July, and thanks to Corey, Faith, and Christian and their welding abilities, it was read for action by the end of August!  By the time classes started on the 5th of September, animals were in stalls, grain was stored and dry, and my milking and tack area was set up!

The kids and I worked to get all of the fence posts in the ground, but we did have to get some help stretching the fence.  Crutches and a boot just get in the way with things like that!

Getting some organization on the farm is huge for me.  I've been making due and making things work for years now, and this has been a long time coming.  I drew up plans for the fencing areas and "barn" last year, and to see it all come to be is just simply awesome!

I love my animals, I love that my kids and I get to work out here and care for them, and I simply love my job and the ability to share this with others.  I am very blessed!