Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer of Busting Tail

The rest of July was a whirlwind of heavy manual labor, out of control laundry, and mental and physical exhaustion.  I not only hobbled around on crutches the whole time, I managed to bend metal crutches, lose crutches in a pasture, drive a tractor in a boot, and move fencing while hobbling/hopping.  The crane stayed for a total of four weeks, and although we didn’t get all of the SIP panels on the roof before it left, we did get started with them.  Once the crane leaves, we will have to come up with a new system for hoisting things up… so we made sure to utilize every hour that Jeff wasn’t working his real job!  


While the house project was in full swing, I managed to work on farm improvements.  It was a pain in the butt, but I was able to get help smoothing a pad for my new shipping containers.  I designed a barn/stable plan using two forty foot shipping containers, and they showed up July 27th.  I’ve lined up my friend Corey (C8 Metalworks) to cut the doors, weld the hinges, etc.  Hopefully, I’ll have things in place by the time classes start.

Before I busted my foot, the kids and I spent June putting in 130 fence posts.  Thankfully, we pretty much finished the posts before my injury, but to finish it off on crutches would be a nightmare.  I was able to get some help, and it looks like the fencing may be completed soon!

Basically, this summer has been completely insane.  We are running out of steam, and there is still so very much to be done.