Saturday, July 8, 2017

Raising Day

Today was a day that we have been working up to for years and years!  Our crane showed up, and we set to work raising bents one and two.  The bents were braced for the action with temporary bracing, which we removed after the bents were up.  Once they were raised, we had to move them to their spots, and brace them into place.  These first two bents are the trickiest of the four, because they have to stand on their own until they are connected together the the girts.

What is very cool is that Jeff is pulling out all of the tenons that were cut, fitted, and labeled so long ago!  It all seemed so abstract until today.  Now, it's all making sense to me, and I can finally get a true grasp of the woodworking that Jeff and Randy have been doing since 2013.


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