Friday, July 14, 2017

Crane Day 8

Jeff is mentally and physically wiped out.  I’m thinking he may need to take a couple hours to force himself to watch a movie or something.  He’s fried…. and we’re only halfway through the crane rental (and his vacation from work).  I’ve seen him like this twice.  Once, after he came back from working on the Disney systems, when he went multiple stress-filled days working on site down there with zero sleep.  The other time was during the insane adoption/legal battle.  I’m hoping he can see the progress he hopes for, so he can take a deep breath soon!
              Bent 4 is now up, which really gives me a clear picture of the size of this house.  For some reason, it seems like the first two girts always have issues, so today has been slow moving.  We’ll need to place 5 more girts and then floor joists before we can start the crazy process of putting together and placing the rafters.  The goal is to get the rafters/trusses up and the roof panels on in the next 8 days.  It’s a tall order, especially when we’re a crew of three.  I’ve been sitting with my foot up, making sure the cooler is stocked with Gatorade and water and keeping my boys on track as they help Jeff.  After Sunday, Mike will be back at work, and we will be down a man.  The sun is hot, the beams are heavy, and tension is high!

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