Monday, April 24, 2017

Farm Girls Needs Pampering, too!

You know, my kiddos are far from spoiled.  I mean, we're thanked when they get to pick out (and eat) their own plate at a restaurant.  Getting a kids' meal at a fast food place is a treat... not because we don't eat drive-thru, but because when we do, we usually get a ton of nuggets and waters all around.  So, yeah.

However, there is one thing that I do enjoy spending a little extra money on... and that is on hair.  We don't get haircuts on a schedule.  Sometimes, it's twice a year.  But, when we do.... the girls love it!  Sherri and Brandi and all the gals there spoil them with hair washing and glitter spray and all sorts of girliness that I probably (definitely) lack.

Most of the time, they are in a chicken coop or birthing goats or playing in mud.  One occasion, they are pampered at the Glamorama.  It's called balance.


Asa found a sport that he really likes!

After begging for a year, I finally agreed to splurge... and drive all the way across the county... and sign him up for the competitive rock climbing team.  He's in the beginner group now, but he's working very hard to move up as soon as possible.  Since he started a month ago, he has been up there about 4 times a week climbing and working out.  I'm thinking this is the best fit of any non-tech activity he's ever tried!  This week is assessment week, so he's really trying to make it to the next "hold" color.  The kid has blisters on his hands, and, most importantly, he's lifting those 50lb feed bags for me!  See, it totally pays off.

Truth: The smile and dedication is payment enough!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Finding a Fit

A few weeks after Asa tried the new charter school, it was abundantly clear that it was NOT the right place for us.  It was, however, an excellent lesson in how rough things are when people have a lack of boundaries.  It was a great lesson in the importance of quality education.  It was a beautiful illustration for him on the fact that citizens must give up things whenever they take something "free".  No, it was not for us.  But, it showed us just how great of a job we are doing on the flip-side.

Asa has been working through finishing up Algebra 1 with Granddaddy for the rest of the school year.  He pretty much wakes up, does chores, does some writing or reading, and calls Granddaddy to come pick him up and study.  They work together shockingly well.  Actually, he's the only one of us that Asa wants to work on math with.  They are a pretty good little team... and I am so very glad Randy is ready and willing to help!

In his spare time, Asa has continued to code his own video games.  I came up with a game idea for him to create... and in a few weeks... I got to play it!  Now, to find the right fit for this kid for next year, as he begins 9th grade.  We know he has engineering or computer science in his future... the trick is finding the absolute best fit, academically, socially, and everything in between, to get him there!

Addison Testing Out Asa's New Strategy Game

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Audition

Much to my surprise, my girls auditioned for Beauty and the Beast at the Legacy Theater!  Olive started all of this.  She was dying to be in a play just like Asa and Addison get to do.  She set her mind to auditioning, and worked on her audition piece (a song from Moana), and, in true Olive fashion, focused hard on getting it right.  The day of the audition, Olive managed to talk Ivey into joining her.  Ivey belted out a song in one try at home, and was ready to go!  Once there, with the bustle of kids and the unfamiliar location, Ivey froze up and didn't want to do it at all.  I honestly did not expect her to go on!  I assured her that she did not have to do it, and that it really wasn't a big deal at all to bail.  Then, they called the kids back... and off she went!  I wasn't able to go in with them, but both girls were all smiles. 

Whether they get in or not, I am super proud of both of these sweet girls!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break 2017

 This year's Spring Break was spent in the backyard.  We worked on the floor joists, played with animals, burned brush, and cleaned up.  Although it wasn't spent on a beach towel with the sound of waves, and even though everyone worked their butts off, I think it was a pretty darn good break!