Saturday, January 28, 2017

Door In Progress!

Jeff has been working on our new front door!  I'm so excited to have wood from both Inman (thank you, Andy McLucas!) and Bethlehem in this piece!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Abdominal Migraines

We're finally starting to get somewhere.

Ivey has been throwing up at least twice a month for her entire life. It began at about 20 months.  We blew it off, attributed it to a car ride or a virus or something she ate.  Her pediatrician listened, but we were told to keep an allergy journal, or do the elimination diet.  With her, there was never a pattern.  Yes, it always happened around holidays.  She threw up every single Easter, Halloween, or Christmas.  We knew it would happen every single time.  We tried to reduce her candy intake.  We only bought organic.  We watched for a pattern with additives or with certain candy ingredients.  Nothing made a difference.  

Because we homeschool, it was easy to adjust our school schedule around her vomiting episodes.  If she was up all night sick, then we just began late.  That's really great, but it isn't fixing the problem.

We finally headed to a GI doctor that listened, quietly, as I explained all of the weirdness.  He asked questions, and I answered them.  I felt like a complete weirdo... and he just sat and took notes.

In the end, he looked up and said, "You could have written the pamphlet for Abdominal Migraines, or Chronic Vomiting Syndrome."  What?  This is a THING?  It seems that the triggers are random... and they change... which makes a diagnosis difficult.  It throws people off track.  They chase allergens.  They try to figure out which ingredient is causing things to happen.  We're not alone!

Ivey is on the bottom tier of meds, and we'll see how things go.  Right now, she's just happy that there is a possible fix for this!