Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wall by Wall

The Future Front Door

Finally get to see where those stars will go!

Friday, December 22, 2017

End of the Semester!

 This semester is a wrap! 

Asa rocked his first semester of public school with a 4.0, and I am so very pleased with how well he has transitioned!  He really enjoys the fact that school is now confined to time parameters.  When the bell rings he moves on to a new class, and the school day cannot go past a certain time.  Homework has been incredibly minimal compared to what he was used to at home.  This allows him to come home and really dig in with his programming, 3D modeling, etc.  Honestly, public school has awarded him MORE freedom and time to program. Although this may not be my ideal education for every child, I feel like it is a perfect fit for him.  He can excel, recognize those who do not care or try, learn from peers around him, and I feel like it has helped him visualize his goals.  The best part is his independence with the school experience.  Because it was his idea to attend, he takes ownership over it.  He is not forced to go.  It was a choice.  Therefore, he sets his alarm, wakes up, gets ready, and gets on the bus.  Often, this takes place while the rest of the kids and I are still in bed. Our schedules are so very different!  What better way to prepare a kid for college and a career than to help him recognize that it is HIS life, HIS deal, and up to HIM to put forth the effort.  He is thriving, and I love it for him!

Addison is halfway through his junior year with a solid 4.0, and is in his stride.  He is handling his new honors and advanced classes well, and even survived the study of The Iliad.  Next year will be a big change for him, as he plans to dual enroll at a local college, so right now he's enjoying his "lasts" as Konos.  Right before the break he had Egypt night, where he and his group presented a skit on Egyptian weapons and battle.  Things will ramp up in the new year, as the class will be preparing for the big Beauty and the Beast production.  I know this next semester is going to fly by for him!

The girls' class has gone by in a blur!  They love spending time with their friends, and they enjoy heading out back for classes twice a week.  Ivey absolutely loves science with Ms. Sally, and Olive's favorite is Ms. Hilary's history class!  

Monday, November 27, 2017

Framing up the Bedroom

In the last couple weeks, we’ve seen some wall panels go up and the master suite started!  We need to get the bedroom section built and dried in to keep the rain off the subfloor.  The first floor SIP panels were no problem, but WOW…. That first second floor wall with panels was a doozie!  Jeff and Mike lifted the heavy wall while Randy, Asa, and I pulled and held it up with ropes.  It was not easy to say the least.  We revamped the technique for the next sections, and it worked more smoothly.  This is one heck of a project for just us as a crew!   

Mike and the boys put down the subfloor and then it was time for something new!  Last weekend, Jeff and Randy began framing up the master area.  Be the end of the weekend, they had framed up the roof over the first section.  The boys and I pulled out rough cut boards from one of the many stacks out back and sanded them.  These will be the exposed ceiling boards for the master area, and Jeff even began putting some up by the time the sun went down on Sunday!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Raising the Roof

After the crane left, Jeff and Randy rigged up a pulley system for us to pull the panels up and onto the roof.  The boys and I took turns being the one to pull them up with the 4-wheeler.  Because Jeff has a day job and can only work on nights and weekends, it took 2 weeks to raise the panels, 4 weeks to make and put up the eaves, and 6 weeks to put up the metal roof.  They wore harnesses and hooked in up there, but it still made me nervous to watch! 
Now that the roof is finished, we’ll move to putting down subfloor and the walls near the master bedroom.  The master will be typically built, so no timber-framing for this part!