Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016!

 Halloween 2016 has come and gone!  These kids absolutely love Halloween, and who can blame 'em?  We kick it old school... complete with a ride up the street in the back of the truck to Trick-or-Treat at Uncle Andy's house and a ride down to the farm on the 4-wheeler for all the fun festivities!

This year, the kids gave me a break on the costumes.  We had a no-stress holiday, which is fantastic!  Olive and Ivey wanted to be matching cats, so all they needed were masks and tails.  The boys dug up costumes from the attic... DONE!  Of course, each year Ivey has to change her mind.  On the morning of Halloween, Ivey emerged from her room not as a cat but in a Ivey-created Harley Quinn costume.  She only knows the Harley Quinn from the cartoon, of course, and I loved at her hodge-podge representation!  Most importantly, I love that she did it all by her self and with no drama.

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