Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fancy Free

Olive, the little ballerina, has been working hard!  Because she is only 6, she is spending her second year in the Pre-ballet class.  She will be able to move up to Ballet 1 once she turns 7.  To me, this is a blessing.  This gives her a chance to be the older kid in class for a change!  She gets to be a leader, which is suiting her just fine and hopefully pulling her a little bit out of her self-conscious little shell.  Another change for this year of dance is that Olive is finally old enough to be in the Nutcracker Ballet!  She will be an angel in the December 17th 7:00 performance at Whitewater HS.  The absolute JOY this child has for ballet makes all of the extra practices worth it.  What better way to enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

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