Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Life Right Now.

Fall is here, and boy oh boy, is it crazy!  We spend a lot of time racing around town, dropping off boys at science class or Konos classes, taking Ivey to hockey, getting Olive to ballet, dropping Addison at orchestra, jetting to the girls’ music classes, or getting to scouts or Aikido.  If we aren’t in the big ol’ van, we are at home teaching Inman Hybrid or Farm Fusion classes, moving fences, milking goats, or doing chores of some kind.  

We now have a house permit in our new spot, so it took a solid year for us to change gears and build right here where we are.  It’s a year well spent, as I am completely sure this is the right move for us!  Jeff got back to work on the next bent last weekend, and we will meet with the foundation guy within the week.  We’re excited to get back to building!

It is a seriously wild ride right now, but it's just the phase of life for parents of four kids of this age.  At least we have a couple nights a week that we can squeeze in dinner together (if I manage to actually get something fixed ahead of time)!  So far, school is going extremely well for all four kids, and I each and every activity they are in is because they love it enough to make it worth the effort.  As a business-owning, farm-running, homeschooling mom, I am just hanging on for dear life as I juggle it all.  I will drop some balls, no doubt.  But, I’m sure the world will keep on spinning, and these four sweet kids will keep on growing.

Friday, September 16, 2016

She Shoots, She Scores!

Ivey just had her first hockey game of the season tonight, and she did great!  The girl started at 4, so this is her 3rd year on the rink... and although she has always had speed, I think this may be the year that it all "clicks"!

I'm so very proud of her, but I am mostly just happy that she has something that she loves to do!  She adores her coach, her team-mates, and she feels at home out there on the rink.  This is your season, baby... even if this is the only goal you score this year, just keep on having fun and trying your best!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

1st Week of School!

This week was the first week back for all four kids!  The girls are entering the 2nd-ish grade at our sweet little Inman Hybrid Program.  Our classes of 2nd-3rd graders lets us ebb and flow in grade levels, so they can be exactly where they need to be in each subject.  Olive was so excited for classes to start that she was bugging me for weeks!  The girl basically spent the last two weeks following me around, asking me if I was sure I was going to get it all finished in time.  She is so much like her brother!  I thought it was awesome that she asked to have her bike tires pumped up the week prior to classes beginning.  She had to have a bike so she could ride her bike to class.  It's 2016, and she and Ivey can ride bikes to school.  How awesome is THAT?!

Last week, Ivey informed me that she didn't need school.  She explained, "I can farm and draw, and I don't need anything else." My girl is a mess.  Honestly, this week has shown me just how free-spirited Ivey truly is.  Putting her in a classroom setting was like putting Mowgli from the Jungle Book straight from climbing trees and riding elephants into sitting in a desk in the Man Village.  The girl is wild at heart, and it was amazing to see just how painful it is for her to try to squeeze herself into a box!  By Thursday's class, she was getting into the groove, and I think this is going to be just the thing to balance her feral nature with a little structure, while still allowing her to be creative and free!

The boys began Konos today!  Asa is in the 8th grade, and Addison is a sophomore!  Asa's group is made up of 7th and 8th graders, so he is playing the role of "mentor" this year.  The kid loves to talk and teach and lead, so it should be a great fit.  Addison is in a class of 9th-12th together for most lectures, and now he is not the newbie!  I think it's going to be an awesome year for all four of these sweet kids!

Now, I get to try to manage getting Asa and Addison to Konos science and foreign language classes while getting Ivey and Olive to guitar/piano on Monday, Addison's orchestra Monday night, teaching at Inman Hybrid on Tuesdays before getting Ivey to hockey, teaching Farm Fusion classes on Wednesdays, getting the boys to Konos on Thursday mornings before teaching Inman Hybrid... and then getting Olive to ballet directly afterward, making sure the boys get to boy scouts every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, having Addison fed/ready for Randy to take him to Aikido on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and getting Olive to Nutcracker ballet rehearsals on Fridays before Ivey's Friday night games. How I'm going to get people fed, clothes washed, or take a deep breathe, I'm not exactly sure... but I know it's worth it all!  The kids aren't in ANYTHING that they aren't greatly benefiting from.  As a self-employed/homeschool mom of four, everything is just a la carte.  It may overwhelm me at times, but it's good.  It's so good.