Thursday, July 14, 2016


Olive set up a puppy store in her room. There are different isles of puppy supplies, boxes to use to carry your finds home with you, comment cards, and a sign on the door that says "Puppzies". Ivey wouldn't play with her (I'm sure it was too organized of a game of pretend for her liking) so I went on a shopping trip at Puppzies and tried to merge the two sisters into a single game. Ivey had two packed suitcases. As I shopped and asked the amazingly helpful sales staff my questions, Ivey explained that she was moving to Texas to see her parents, and that she had packed her two pet baby miniature tigers for the trip. Seeing a way to merge her into the Puppzies experience, I informed her that the store had a wide variety of pet foods and may have some things that tigers would need. "My tigers go out each day and hunt for wild rabbits that eat my tomato garden." Well, darn. Each time I would try to reel Ivey into the pet-shop pretend world we were playing in, she had a very detailed account of how that could not work. See, she was moving to Texas. She has her exotic animal license (obviously), but is working on her wildlife rehabilitation license, as well. After arriving in Texas (aka living room), she realized that her parents had packed up and left for Africa, leaving nothing but a massive pile of clothing all over their couch. It seems they must have only taken one set of clothing with them, given the massive pile of laundry. (sigh)

There is no way to get Olive into the madness of Ivey's untamed imagination, and there is no way to get Ivey wrangled into Olive's organized and structured mind. These two sisters are a hoot to watch.


Friday, July 8, 2016


You read the news, you watch the videos, and you think that the entire country is full of people who hate each other. Then, you go out for errands and you know what I saw? People holding the doors for each other. Conversations. Smiles. Love. Even with all the uncertainty and unrest on our screens. The world has madness, but the world is not all mad. My heart is broken for the scared mothers, the scared fathers, the scared. I weep for friends who are scared to death for their babies to grow up black. I weep for friends whose husbands are on duty tonight and they are terrified for their safety. I know tears don't help. But, I can pray. That, and I can raise up children to be kind and strong and smart and just.

Not all police are bad. Not all black people are thugs. Not all white people are racist. Not all protesters are violent. Not all gun owners are murderers. And although these are the people showing up on our t.v. screens and monitors, these people are not the majority. Hate is always so loud. My heart aches for the state of our country right now... in so many different ways.

Pray for Peace.
Pray for Empathy.
Pray for a healthy USA.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Donkey Shoppin'

Today was an adventure!  I found an ad for a little baby mini-donkey that I wanted.  I wasn't really in the market for two donkeys and this one wasn't weaned yet, so I convinced my friends at Flat Tire Farm to go in with me, taking the momma once the baby could be weaned.  And so, today was the grand adventure to the exotic animal farm! 

We piled two of my kids and all four of theirs into my van, and the 9 of us made our way across the state.  Once there, we met all of the amazingly friendly donkeys (I fell in love with the Jack, but he wasn't friendly toward goats so I couldn't bring him home).  The owner was kind enough to show us around.  We met mutjack deer, water buffalo, rhea, an enormous ostrich, emu, and breathtaking African watusi cattle, with horns that were gigantic!

The kids had a blast, and we came home with two sweet donkeys!