Monday, April 18, 2016

A Quick Descent

Me at 8pm : Sweet! It's a beautiful night! I'm can't wait to get the kids in bed and spend some quality time with my awesome husband!

Me at 8:30: I just have to milk these goats and corral the bottle babies.... oh, and lock up the chickens... and these chickens... and I just have to collect the guinea eggs from across the street... oh, and the ones in mom's hydrangeas...

Me at 9:30: I just need to tuck in the girls... and at least stick all the nasty dishes on the counter into the sink... and oh crap, make a copy of Jeff's birth certificate... and don't we need to sign and scan something to so-and-so?

Me at 10:00: Dear Lord, please tell me I don't have to IRON. I married this man because a) he's hot b) he doesn't really argue with me cause he's busy thinking about other stuff and c) he looked like I'd probably never have to iron anything. How do I even DO this?

Me at 10:42: My back hurts, I am depressed by the level of disaster around me, I feel like a frumpy over-domesticated warn out momma, and I just want to fall asleep in fetal position with my clothes and shoes on.

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