Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars Day!

It's a big day today.  There is a buzz in the air.  It's one of those rare occasions where you want throughout your day and feel in tune with a large number of the people passing you by.  It was a day when your 5 year old marched around everywhere she went in full Princess Leia buns.  It's Star Wars release night... and this momma surprised her family with tickets to the first show on opening night.  Yup.  I rock.

I was so very glad the girls could come and experience the electricity that is in the air at a movie showing like this.  The crowd participated.... they clapped... they laughed... and Ivey and Olive was looking around in wonder. 

It was a great night, and I am glad we made a big deal out of it....
Cause it's kinda a big deal.

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