Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Great Reboot

We have dubbed October 2015 as "The Great Reboot".  Why?  Because our entire house project has taken a very major turn.  The closer we moved toward erecting our home in Senoia, the more I longed to stay right here in Inman.  It is my home. I was born here. I lived here for the first 18 years of my life. I love it here. My heart is here. Not only that, but my education program is here. I was going to have to put ALL that on hold while we were building our house, and have to build a place to use for classes on our property in Senoia. The farm, the classes, everything was on hold (or scaled down) to be considered after the house could be built. Well, we are STAYING and building HERE!!!

Behind my parents' house is a piece of property that I have been in love with since my childhood. I literally remember the first time I ventured through the woods, past the old shack, and found "the meadow". I swore it was magical. Elves and fairies lived there. The sun shone through the trees. It was my fairy-tale location... And now, it is OURS!!! Our animals can now graze in the pasture behind us, and our house will be built behind my parents!!

I know that we already had a foundation somewhere else. We worked HARD on it. The driveway, the clearing, tearing down the shack (Jeff and I have bought A LOT of shacks)... It was so much work. But, that is not a good enough reason to keep moving forward when it doesn't fit. I live a no-regrets life. This is where I belong.... Where my children belong... Where my program belongs.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Z Barn

A few years ago, Ivey and Olive were riding in the car making up songs when I heard them say something about a "Z Barn".  I could not figure out what they were talking about from the lyrics, so I asked, "What is a Z Barn?"

"The Z Barn!  You know!  The little Z Barn!"

They explained that it was the barn that told them they were almost home.

Now, I spent my entire childhood driving down the exact same strip of road to get to the very same home they live in now.  For me, the "goat field" was the landmark that told me our drive was almost through.  When I saw the goat field, I knew we were home.  A few years ago, the goats left that field.  But, my girls latched on to that little building standing alone... and it told them they were almost home.  Funny enough, I had never even noticed that the trim looks like the letter Z.

Thanks to our recent turn of events, the Z Barn will always point the way home for us...

and I could not be happier.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Random Quotes

I let Olive know that even though the ballet class that she wanted to switch into was full, the teacher made an exception because Olive was so well behaved, followed all the rules, and was a "delight". I told her how proud I was of her, and that her good behavior really does matter a lot to her teachers.

Ivey pipes up, "I am SO glad I play hockey."

Me:  "Olive, would you like to use words and explain why you are so upset?"Olive:  "No."

Asa: "All my headaches come from Grandmomma.
That sounded bad. I meant genetically."

Olive: "I can't WAIT to see Inside Out! I think my favorite character will be Disgust."

Me: "Olive, don't look right at the sun. It's not good for your eyes."
Olive has a panicky look on her face. She walks room to room, avoiding windows. She shields her eyes.
Olive: "How do I NOT look at the sun? It's everywhere?"
Me: "Olive, you have spent your entire life NOT looking at the sun. Just keep doing that."
Olive, after a pause: "Great. Now I don't like day OR night."

Olive: "Are the brownies hot?"
Me: "Yes."
Olive: "When I ask if something is hot and it is hot, I want you to say (insert highly dramatic voice) 'steaming'."
Me: (blank stare)
Olive: "Like this... 'Are the brownies still hot? (turns on the drama voice) Steaming.
Now, you try it."

My mom, regarding Olive:
"I used to hope you'd have a child who was just like you were. I didn't realize she would live next door."


Olive decided that if a bird is really really scared, then it is "peckafied".

Me: "I'm exhausted."
Addison: "Yeah. Your hair looks exhausted."

Addison: "With green lights, our joy is someone else's pain."

Olive: "You know what my favorite temperature is? Room temperature. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to throw up when I get in a car just because it's not room temperature."

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Things Olive has said to me today:

-She called me "Miss Holly" during our grammar lesson.

-"Should I put my history craft under my desk and then take it home after school?"

-"Can you pretend to be my mom so I can tell you all about my day at school? I just had a fun day and I want to go home and tell you about it."

-"You know what would be nice? If we put on classical Christmas music and all sat down and quietly write our Christmas lists together."

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Homeschooly Quotes

Olive: "When we start homeschool again can we have Circle Time like we did in preschool?"
Ivey: "There is only three of us, Olive. We'll have triangle time."

Me: "Asa, do you have a paperclip?"
Asa: "No. Did you know 39 deaths a year involve paperclips?"

Addison: "This essay is easy to write because I like the topic."
Me: "Yes! It's always easier to write about things you're interested in. What are you writing about?"
Addison: "Comparing and contrasting two of Milton's poems."

Olive: "When we act bad, you could just say, 'Don't act like the leader of China!'"

Olive: "How many years since Jesus was born was I born?"
Me: "Um. 2010, Olive.
You were born in 2010....

Olive has decided that this sora rail bird is a "martian".
Because it lives in a marsh.

"No complaining, Olive. There are kids that have been in school for hours already.
And they're wearing pants."

"I'm gonna take notes like a girl."

What I would say: "Choose a number between 10 and 50."
What Olive said, "Choose a two-digit number that starts with a 1, 2, 3, or 4."

Me: "Girls, you absolutely HAVE to clean your room."
Olive: "Can I have one of those math sheets?"
Me: "Not until you finish cleaning your room!"
~~a few minutes later~~
Me: "Girls, I will give you each a pack of smarties if you can get your room cleaned up in the next 15 minutes."
Olive: (Sigh) "Okay, but can I still have a math sheet?"

Addison: "Mom! I got a 100 on my science notebook! I'm not complaining or anything, but I really don't know if they should give hundreds on that sort of thing. I mean, you can always be more organized."