Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homeschool. Ourschool.

Asa's "Office"
Making the biggest 3 digit number possible.... with dice.
Linking subjects to other words using linking verbs.
Using 1, 10, & 100 cards to represent numbers.  Visualizing adding enough ones to necessitate another 10, etc.
"Working From Home / Schooling From Home"
Homeschool Perk = Teaching in PJ's.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Year's Rythm

We kicked back in to all of the activities, sports, and classes fairly late this year.  For us, school started after Labor Day, which allowed us to baby step our way into a full fall schedule.  Olive started back to ballet in August.
Addison began playing cello for a new community orchestra.  For Ivey, hockey began at the end of August.  Boy Scouts continued on, as did Addison's Aikido classes.

The big news is that Addison passed his 3rd kyu test up at the big Aikido Center!

Asa will be on a Lego robotics team that will compete in the First Lego League competition, and they meet each Friday.  Church classes kicked back in once public school was in session, and the boys began confirmation classes.

The girls' Farm Fusion class was back in full swing in early September.

At home this year, the girls are in 2nd Grade Abeka for language arts & social studies, Singapore Math 2a/b, First Language Lessons 2, Wordly Wise 2, plus handwriting, journaling, and online games.  They are both ahead of the game, so it is nice that we do not have to feel pushed in any way!

The biggest change has been in the boys' schedules.  They joined Konos Academy this year, which means they have a new curriculum, new classes which meet once per week (Asa on Tuesdays and Addison on Thursdays), a slew of new teachers, a new online grading system, and a new science class that meets on Mondays.  I must say, I was a big intimidated by all of the emails and information that was coming my way in late August/early September, but after a few weeks, I think we are all getting the hang of things.  The boys' grades are wonderful, and they are telling me all the time how much they love Konos!  Another big change is that the boys are not just going to "school" on different days, but they are in different programs.  Asa is in the Juniors group, which is for 7th and 8th graders.  However, Asa is taking Algebra 1 and Physical Science on a high school level.  Addison is now officially in high school, and it honestly is great for him.  The academic work is exactly what he needed.  It is not too challenging at all for him, and he is in a supportive group of wonderful peers!  I can't ask for more!

Addison's Class

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Triple Layer Vacation: Layer 3

 Our last stop was to meet Jeff's parents on Tybee Island.  It was really neat to talk to the kids about the difference in the gulf and the Atlantic.  We also talked about barrier islands vs. mainland beaches.  The beach at Tybee had great waves, and the kids had a wonderful time jumping the waves and riding them in.  Olive put on a pair of goggles and spent an entire day diving under the big waves, so she could avoid the crash but enjoy them.  For a little girl who hates to get water on her face, we were all impressed!  Jeff and I were able to get out and see a band we love play at North Beach Grill (which we also love).  By sheer luck, they were playing while we were in town.  We also finally made it to Hucca Poos one night, which was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  You know, we spend a lot of time working our butts off in this family.  Sure, I am with the kids a lot.  I homeschool them.  We are together all the time.  But, we are seldom together when I am not pulled in 500 directions, or on a mission.  There are things that must be done.  There are piles and piles of laundry.  There is an electric fence that must be moved.  There are dishes spilling out of the sink and covering the counters on both sides.  There are papers to edit, dinners to cook, fall clothes to get down from the attic.  It was such a blessing to be able to relax and spend REAL time with my family.  We needed it.