Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Recap : Progress So Far on the "10 Year Plan".

2004-2009 Constant Bethlehem House Renovation  (All the hard work BEFORE commencement of 10-Year-Plan)

6/2009- House for Sale / Looking for property, finish working on Bethlehem house, painted

11/2009- Found property

2010- Cut handmade balusters & finished Bethlehem porch

8/2010- Packed up

10/2010- Moved into my parents' house and began working with Roland on my childhood home, which is next door. (This is the major project between the major projects.)

3/2011- Bought sawmill.  Began cutting wood to build Randy's barn ("practice run" for our house) when not working on childhood home.

5/2011- Jeff took apart "house" on property. Cutting trees and milling for barn

7/2011- House is down, disassembled, and basically cleaned up.

11/2011- All beams cut to build Randy's barn (Okay, we think we can actually do this timber frame thing....)

1/2012- After working on simultaneous projects, the childhood home is ready to move in.  We moved into the next phase....

11/2012- Randy's barn finished. 

6/2012- Began cutting logs in Randy & Linda's yard

Winter 2012- cut the trees into beams / cut braces & foundation beams

3/2013- Linda's yard looks like a lumber mill.  Sorry!

5/2013- finished cutting, jointing, moving, placing, and leveling all of the foundation beams. Numbered them to be disassembled and stored.

7/2013 - built solar kiln & cut floor joists

11/2013 - Began gypsy wagon / Moved sawmill and began cutting down trees and milling beams at Ennis & Addison's houses.

2/2014- Began building glass story / Continued to work on gypsy wagon / Continued to cut wood / Bought military tents to store beams

4/2014- We have a driveway

Fall 2014 - Continued joint work.  Cutting trees & milling constantly.

Spring 2015 - Still cutting trees & milling beams / 1st bent assembled, numbered, taken apart, and stored.

5/2015- Finished cutting majority of beams.  Moved the sawmill back to Randy & Linda's.   Worked on gypsy wagon so we can move it to the property and camp in it.

6/2015 - Grading and foundation work

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