Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Just 20 Minutes in my Van....

Things brought up by my children & discussed during our 20 minute car ride:

-Likelihood of another Earth-like planet
-Species of caterpillar that can survive almost any temperature on Earth
-Analysis of the difference between how Addison and his brother cope with boredom ("Asa gets physical, and I just sing.")
-Consciousness, our sense of "I", & the human soul
-Inevitability of the sun's demise
-The structural integrity of spheres
Oh, and Olive wanted to know "Why do grown ups always get dazed out when I talk?"

I need a nap.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our life at dusk....

Catching Fireflies

Recruiting Papa's help to catch fireflies... because Ivey would rather not touch them.

Getting Gretta on the milking stand.

Olive attaches the hobble.

Learning the ropes.

Ivey, the boss of the operation.

Double Teaming

The guineas are not amused.

Neither is Ms. Kitty.

Taking the milk home.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Prefering the Night Shift

It's hot out here. Yesterday, I bought a $20 kiddie pool so that the girls could splash and play while I continue to work on the gypsy wagon.  It gave me a little respite from Momma-duties, but not enough to convince me that working during the daylight hours is worth it.  My productivity is so much greater from kids' bedtime until 4am, and so unless an energetic teen with a love for playing My Little Pony (for free) drops from the sky, I shall stick with that plan.  But, at least the vardo is looking fantastic!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


In the spirit of keeping this summer full to the brim, the boys came home from Kids Kamp and headed out for IMPACT the next week!  They spent a few days working alongside friends to gut a home in need of serious repairs.  I dropped them off at 7:45 and picked them up at 5:15 each day, and boy were they exhausted!  Square Foot Ministries, which is located here in Fayetteville, organizes amazing work for the community, and I am so thankful that my boys could be a part of it!

These boys of mine have a week to chill out and then they are off to a full week of Scout Camp at Camp Thunder!  Ah, to be a 12 year old boy in the summertime!

Me: "Asa, PLEASE be careful today. You really could get hurt at this one."
Asa: "I don't need to be careful. I've got Addison."

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Recap : Progress So Far on the "10 Year Plan".

2004-2009 Constant Bethlehem House Renovation  (All the hard work BEFORE commencement of 10-Year-Plan)

6/2009- House for Sale / Looking for property, finish working on Bethlehem house, painted

11/2009- Found property

2010- Cut handmade balusters & finished Bethlehem porch

8/2010- Packed up

10/2010- Moved into my parents' house and began working with Roland on my childhood home, which is next door. (This is the major project between the major projects.)

3/2011- Bought sawmill.  Began cutting wood to build Randy's barn ("practice run" for our house) when not working on childhood home.

5/2011- Jeff took apart "house" on property. Cutting trees and milling for barn

7/2011- House is down, disassembled, and basically cleaned up.

11/2011- All beams cut to build Randy's barn (Okay, we think we can actually do this timber frame thing....)

1/2012- After working on simultaneous projects, the childhood home is ready to move in.  We moved into the next phase....

11/2012- Randy's barn finished. 

6/2012- Began cutting logs in Randy & Linda's yard

Winter 2012- cut the trees into beams / cut braces & foundation beams

3/2013- Linda's yard looks like a lumber mill.  Sorry!

5/2013- finished cutting, jointing, moving, placing, and leveling all of the foundation beams. Numbered them to be disassembled and stored.

7/2013 - built solar kiln & cut floor joists

11/2013 - Began gypsy wagon / Moved sawmill and began cutting down trees and milling beams at Ennis & Addison's houses.

2/2014- Began building glass story / Continued to work on gypsy wagon / Continued to cut wood / Bought military tents to store beams

4/2014- We have a driveway

Fall 2014 - Continued joint work.  Cutting trees & milling constantly.

Spring 2015 - Still cutting trees & milling beams / 1st bent assembled, numbered, taken apart, and stored.

5/2015- Finished cutting majority of beams.  Moved the sawmill back to Randy & Linda's.   Worked on gypsy wagon so we can move it to the property and camp in it.

6/2015 - Grading and foundation work