Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Journey of the Wood Sprite

Long, long ago, a king and queen and their two princes hoped to add a princess to their family.  The couple knew that the road ahead of them would not be an easy one, as they had once made a long quest to find their princes, leaving them no stranger to such travail. But this time, they set out on a different, longer and more treacherous quest to find the princess that they dreamed of.  On the way, their path was rocky.  They often fell, having to carry each other through the losses and disappointments.
In the deep dark forest, they met a witch, who tricked them, and many others, with her sorcery and the promise of a child.  But,in this story, there was not one villain but two.  The families were deceived, again, and their spirits were tattered and torn.  The king and queen had given up on the path they had chosen, and were lost and afraid.

Just then, a glimmer of light shown in the darkness, leading them to a new land. The trusted castle physician had come to give news of a tiny wood sprite that had been frozen until her future family could find her.  The king and queen stood (literally on Mainstreet of the Magic Kingdom), put their fears of failure aside, and said "yes" to the wise physician.  Exhausted as they were, they risked what little they had left, and followed him through a vaguely familiar land, hoping that the tiny frozen wood sprite would be theirs to hold.  With the physician's magic and by grace of God, the sprite thawed and grew, and nine months later, her big blue eyes opened, changing the castle forever.  (Shortly after, the wood sprite's magic even paved the way for a sister!)

Six years later, the sprite returned for the third time to the land where the king and queen learned of her frozen state, the land where they mustered up enough courage in their broken state to say "yes".  

And the sprite danced, stayed up all night, and soaked up every drop of magic in the Magic Kingdom.

And the king and queen rejoiced.