Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ms. Kitty.... In Training

"Blue Boy" and Me (5 yrs old)
Today, the girls and I worked on helping Ms. Kitty become accustomed to her saddle and tack.  She is chewing the bit a fair amount, but beyond that, the little girl is a trooper!  I have raised goats and other various animals for my entire adult life, and although I have been impressed with animals, this is my first experience as a caretaker of a horse.  The goats only really mind when food is involved.  Daisy is, of course, completely driven by food.  All of those pig cliches are definitely accurate!  Ms. Kitty, however, has a respect for humans that none of our other animals come close to.  When I am carrying 50lb feed bags across the yard, the goats used to clobber me.  Now, Ms. Kitty walks with me (which keeps the goats at bay).  She respectfully stays a few steps behind me, and never tries to mess with the bag of feed in my arms.  She is such a wonderful little horse (35" tall), and we are so pleased with her willingness to put that bit in her mouth and that saddle on her back!  With the help of some horse-expert-friends, Olive and Ivey should be riding in no time! 

Beyond our horse fun, we ran to a doctor's appointment, played some video games, rode some bikes, ate some tater tots, gathered some eggs,stayed close to home, and just enjoyed another sunny summer day!

Ms. Kitty

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