Saturday, May 31, 2014


May 2 -
What happens in May?  My boys turn 11 / Jeff and I celebrate 15 yrs of marriage / I end my 5th yr of homeschooling / I transition back to simply homeschooling, after 3 years of running the hybrid program for the boys / my girls end their preschool experience and begin their homeschool one / the county will hopefully approve of our house plan, which, as of today, they have in hand.... it's a big month!

May 3 -
Example of how my older 2 make life so much easier:

Me: "Ok, guys. Take these scraps and throw them to the chickens, please."
Ivey: "Oh, man. This isn't gonna be fun."
Asa: "No! This is one of the fun things on my list to do today!" (winks at me)
Ivey: "Oh!" (happily marches away to do chore)

May 4 -
Listening to Adele in the car. She sings "But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it."

Ivey asks, "You think she's fighting a giant evil robot?"

May 4 -
I decided to end the girls' year at preschool early, and take one (HUGE) stressor off of my plate.   I am done with all this bring in x on Monday, y on Tuesday, z on Wednesday, wear this on this day, bring in something that starts with the first letter of your brother's middle name on this day, silly socks, crazy hair, bring in cheese cubes, we need $10 in a (not so secret) envelope, blah blah BLAH. Not everyone has only one beautifully dressed preschooler and no job. These kids would be perfectly happy singing a silly song and eating a cookie for goodness sake. I am OVER it. How on Earth do I homeschool? Well, I am able to do it in the amount of time I save not having to deal with arbitrary crap.

I asked the girls if it sounded like a good idea. Olive looked at me right in the face and said,

"Good. Then we can hang out more."

Tonight, instead of rushing them through the bath and to bed, they hung out in the yard at dusk, helping Jeff fix the lawnmower (that I broke, sorry babe), and tending to an injured baby turkey with me. They are playing sweetly in the dining room floor, when they should be in bed. 

Good move, momma.  Good move.

May 5 - A few days ago, Olive started referring to herself as "the littlest kid".

Today, "I should get a cookie.... we want the littlest kid to grow!"

May 6 -
The class finished their video, and I finished all of the editing!  I think it turned out great!

May 7 -
Recipe for disaster: To be in a hurry, and to have 'Cheez Its' in one hand and your SD memory card in the other.

May 8 -
Oceanography day.... Let the fun BEGIN! Ms. Gail and I are packing up the class and heading to Jekyll island bright and early on Monday morning for our big 3 day field trip! Preparing for the trip has made me think back on my 5th grade and high school ecology fields trips there.... Fun times!!

May 9 -
My boys are nervous about their recitals tonight... so I forced them to watch old videos to remind them that they CAN do it... and even if they are stressed out, they'll totally survive the experience!

May 10 -
Motherhood is:

Listening to your children refer to a horse's lead rope as a "hooker" from the front seat of the van.....and as they use it in a variety of sentences (such as "Can I trade you this horse for that hooker?"), holding in your adolescent laughter.

Go Shamrocks! So proud!

May 11 -
My brother just texted me from next door :
" There is a light flashing at your house. Blink twice if it is a home invasion." 

May 15 -
So far this morning, we have met the mayor, toured City Hall, and assembled 600 Summer Reading Packets for the PTC Library. It's a good day.... But I could use a bit more caffeine! :-)

May 18  -
Their birthday is behind them. Now, they have 6th grade testing tomorrow & Tuesday, last day of class Thursday (a poster project and a persuasive essay due), and an end of the year party on Friday. Whew!

May 19 -
Olive: "Are the things between my fingers my fingerpits?"

May 20 -
Post-testing Celebration — with Jeff Longino at Southern Ground Social Club.

May 21 -
Addison: "Is daddy home?"

Me: "Not yet."

Addison: "Oh. I heard a guitar."

Makes me smile. 

May 21 - 
Oh, Tom Kane... You're gonna have to explain to Olive why you told her she could play in the fall... I don't have the heart!! I'm gonna have to get her a jersey anyways and organize some pickup games or something and fake it! 

May 23 - 
Ivey (talking into an old flip phone): "Friends. I have a very important message. Someone ate Santa Claus. That is all."

May 23-
End of the year party 

May 24
So, Addison didn't feel well yesterday. He threw up, so I assumed it was a stomach bug of some kind. He is 100% better today. It turns out that yesterday, when he felt rough, he believed he was dehydrated. So, he downed FIVE 16oz bottles of a water. Of course he threw up! Good grief. I only know one kid who could make himself chug down that much water!

May 25
Amazing afternoon for a little youth class. Safe and fun for the kids. The kids did amazing and I am pretty sure they out shot most adults. Good job guys! 

May 25
Want to torture yourself? Try watching season 1 of Lost with two impatient, unobservant 11 year old boys. 


May 27 -
Dear Swim Suit Models,

I really do appreciate all of the hard work that you put into each and every pose for this summer's line. I would love it if you could show me a few poses that would help me better decide which suit would work for me. Suggestions for helpful poses would include frantically rinsing sunscreen out of a child's eyes with a half-bottle of water, an action shot of running to stop a child from enjoying another family's picnic, or maybe an shot showing how the suit will look while trying to remove buckets of sand from between the lining of a child's bathing-suit crotch. Also, do any of the suits come with double back tape? If not, is there any way to show the suit's stability while at least two children tug on it?

Thanks so much!

May 28 - 
Olive: "I guess that's why they call it the Doorf House... cause it has two doors." 

I just grabbed this summer by the HORNS. New chore charts are printed, bookmark folders are full of learning sites (, book adventure, brain pop, typing lessons, Khan Academy...), and "boredom cards" are printed... with a job to do if anyone is unlucky enough to whine about being bored. Alright kids. Have fun, enjoy the freedom, or it's ON!

First up- More bowling!

May 30 -
I guess next up is a very scary trip to the ER.  Ivey fell off of the scaffolding and hit her head on a metal bar.  I have been through more emergency situations than most mommas, but this head injury had me almost losing my cool.  She wasn't acting right.  She couldn't remember what happened, how she walked into the house, or that she threw up.  My eyes swelled up with tears, and I headed right to the car.  We made our way to the hospital, where my mom was there, working.  The staff saw Ivey quickly, and then we had to watch her in order to see if she was showing signs of a brain bleed or swelling.  We could have had an MRI, but in the end, we did not.  She settled down, passed all their tests, and within a couple hours we were headed out the door.  Ivey and Olive did sleep with me that night, so I could obsess over waking Ivey up whenever I felt the need.  She did fine through the night, and only complains of a sore spot now.  That was a close one.  I hate close ones.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy 15th Anniversary

 Over 16 year ago, I had a crush on a boy. We went to a movie. Trying not to get my hopes up, I thought it might have been just as friends. Late that night, there was a knock at my apartment door. When I opened it, that boy stood on my doorstep... and kissed me. You've heard people say they "felt like I was home" or "I felt whole". Well, that's how it felt. Instantly. So much so, that he just held me, for a long time, and we didn't talk. Just hugged... like it was in relief. Finally, we just looked at each other... and one of us (I don't even remember who) said,

"Now what?"

And we both smiled.

And we've been taking on the world and asking "Now what?" ever since.

I am so very blessed to be married to the man of my dreams for 15 years. Happy Anniversary, Jeff Longino

Happy Birthday : Family Bowling!