Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April's Antics

April 1 -
Just bought 15 boxes of cereal. Cashier asked if I was stocking up. I laughed. Then, she saw the 5 gallons of milk. Nope.

April 5 - Meet our new family member, Ms. Kitty.  She is a miniature horse, and is sweet as pie!  My girls are over the moon!  

Ivey: "Mommy, can you come and give us hugs and kisses?"

Me: "Of course, it is one of my favorite things to do!"

Olive: "It's your job. You do it a lot."

April 6 -
This morning, Jeff and I tried to get a few minutes of extra sleep while the girls sat on top of us, talking.

Ivey: "Olive, I was on my bike and you were on your three headed bicycle."

Olive: "What?"

Ivey: "Your three headed bicycle."

With my eyes still closed, I help her out, "Tricycle, Ivey."

Olive: "Yeah. And I was the only person riding it, so it was just one-headed."

April 12
Ivey walked into the room tonight and said,

"I want my nickname to be Steve..... I wish my real name was Steve..... Why didn't you name me Steve?"

And she turned, and walked away. 

April 17
Olive: "You're going to have to drive me to college. I don't know the way."

I guess we've moved past obsessing over the details of how/where she will purchase her first car. 

 April 22 -
Pysanky day today!

April 24 -
Whoohooo!!! The driveway has BEGUN!!!

April 28 -
"I'm going to love my new house more than I love cheese." -Olive

April 29 -
Got to brag on my son for a bit.... Asa played goalie in their first playoff game tonight. No one scored on him until half way through 2nd period. The game tied and ended up going into 5 minutes of overtime. It was still tied. Went to a shoot-out. Both goalies did an amazing job. After 12 shooters took shots on each goal, we ended up losing.... but it didn't change how proud I was of Asa! What should have been 1 hour game was almost an hour and 45 minutes. The other team played aggressively, and Asa did a fabulous job tending the net! 

April 30 -
I had to ask Olive a list of questions about her preschool for a scrapbook. One question was, "What is your favorite thing to do at school?" Olive's answer: Clean the placemats.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

  It's finally Easter!  After a miserably long winter, the weather is sunny and beautiful.  Ms. Kitty says it's a drink-straight-outa-the-hose-kinda-day!

Ok, so Olive found a few money eggs... So, of course, she needed to write a secret list (specifically rolled into a scroll) of the things that she would like to save up and spend her money on when she is 14.