Friday, February 28, 2014

Flashes From February

Feb 1 -
"If Olive was a robot, I would just turn her off." -Ivey

Daisy is so happy the snow has melted! (I don't have the heart to tell her it's gonna rain next week.)

House Progress:

Jeff and Randy are still cutting and milling lumber, and they have started putting together the glass story for the top of the house!

Ivey Lost A Tooth!!

Feb 6 -
Ms. Gail led the boys' class through a squid dissection, which they all loved!

Feb 9 -
After a billion tests and studies, it was assumed Addison's recurrent strider was due to the intubations he had as a preemie. They said he would outgrow it by 6 yrs old, and he did. Well, Olive was never intubated... and she had another episode last night. Luckily, I am well versed at this, and I coached her through the panic, which allowed her to breath better... but I have a suspicion we could very well end up in the hospital if she does it again tonight. She has it far less than Addison did, so we don't have meds on hand.  Poor baby.

Feb 10 -
Update on Asa-- Grade 2 sprain, 3+ weeks of physical therapy, out of hockey for at least 4 weeks.

Update on Olive-- Completely better & breathing fine. ENT consult to attempt to check for any underlying cause, but we've been down that route and don't expect to find anything. Yay for steroids.

Now, let's stay out of the hospital for at least another couple weeks.

Feb 12 -
Snow is falling AGAIN, electricity is flickering... is this Georgia?!   Being snowed in is starting to get to us!  

Feb 17 -
Ivey has declared that, for the day, she is "Skeletron Kitty". That is all.

Feb 18 -
 One semi-broken printer... printed scrap pages from Joan & Howard... my glasses... a highlighter... instant OFFICE. My girls are happy.

"Hey! Would you like to buy some math for your kid? We sell math here!"

"This is our office pig. She works here."

Feb 19 -
"Olive! I am so mad at you!"

"But, Ivey... On all other days except this day, you will forget."

Feb 21 -
Ivey is spending the weekend in the mountains with her grandparents.

Olive says, "I like being the only girl. I get the whole pig!"

Feb 22-
Olive: "Bread. It's kinda like a marshmallow but it's good for us."

Feb 23 -
The peace, trust, and security of a child:

Olive is singing, "Nothing's gonna change my world.... Nothing's gonna change my world...."

But momma, how could anything change my world?

Feb 26 -
Happy Birthday to my sweet Olive!

My baby is now 4. She spent the day asking the types of questions one should ask when one reaches such a milestone.... "Can I get a pink car with a t.v. inside?" What will my last name be when I get married?", "If you won't share your car or house with me when I am a grown up, will you buy me one?", and all of those other questions a 4 year old ponders....Ok, maybe just my 4 year old ponders.

How the heck do I even BEGIN to clean up this mess? *sigh*
Feb 28 -

For her birthday, Olive wanted me to take her to get her ears pierced. I planned a day of it... a girl day for her & her sister (who decided she also wants pierced ears). We needed to wait until after tonight's hockey game to have them done, as I'm sure recently pierced ears and a hockey helmet would be a bad combo. I gave Olive a little something on her actual birthday, and explained that we would be going out for "girl day" this weekend.

The day after her birthday, Olive asked me "Are you getting me an early birthday present?"

"No, it's actually a late birthday present."

She argued that it was an early birthday present, so I explained that it couldn't be, since her birthday was yesterday. It would be a "late" present.

"But, momma, I will have another birthday next year. So, you are giving me an early birthday present."

And with that, I chose not to continue.

Ivey discovers that the neck of her dress flips up to become a "red ninja dress".  Bonus.