Friday, January 31, 2014

January Recap

January 3 - 
Olive has been asking about how Jeff and I got married.
Olive: "I thought you have to pick someone out?"
Me: "I picked your daddy."
Olive: "I picked Uncle Mike."

January 4 -  
At 4am, Jeff and I woke to the worst screaming and squealing we had ever heard. Daisy was in some kind of EMERGENCY somewhere in the house, and she was obviously dying from pain. I ran to the pile of dirty clothes (where she was last spotted, sleeping)... and there was a squirming, screaming, fleece TUBE. Daisy had wiggled herself to the very bottom of my pants, and then was completely stuck. I had to take her back to the bed so Jeff and I could figure out how to remove her.

I've had a lot of 4am wake-ups, but this one was one of the most alarming, and definitely the loudest!

January 5 - Well, we've learned a new term: Polar Vortex.  And boy, oh boy... it's COLD!

January 6 - Know what's nice and relaxing? When you stay up till 5am cleaning house, and magically get all the kids to watch a movie in your bed while you sleep, and they start to watch it TWICE... And then the pig learns how to open the pantry, jolting you awake to the sound of the destruction of a beautiful, brand new bag of Stacy's cinnamon sugar pita chips.

January 7 - A low of 6?!  This weather shows the trickle down of farm wisdom. I look to my full time farm friends for wisdom and advice... and my phone as buzzing last night with others who were looking to me. We are so small compared to my friends' farms, and yet I am reminded that we have learned a lot along the way... They is just so much still to learn and future experiences to learn from. Thank you to all those farmers out there who share their hard-earned knowledge on down the line!

January 7 -
Holly: Come on kids get in the car, we need to run errands
Olive: Can I go to Gran-mama and Gran-Daddys?
Holly: No they are not home
Olive: Mim and Papas?
Holly: They are not home either
Olive: Aunt Marys?
Holly: No baby you need to come with me
Olive: Some person that I don't know that might be home?

January 9 -
Ivey:  "Look, momma! I'm putting all the stuffed animals in Olive's bed!"
Olive: "I'm adocting them.
Cause I'm a doctor."

January 10 - Couldn't find Daisy... She was asleep in Jeff's jacket...

January 12-  Jeff worked hard today. Had to build custom sawhorses to handle the beams he'll be working on... (In case anyone is wondering, this is what it's like to build a house in slow motion.)

January 13 -
1:45am : Take Ivey to bathroom / Remove Daisy from pants leg

January 14-
A big shout out to Uncle Mike, who drove from Marietta to Fayetteville on a Tuesday night just to eat dinner... Because Ivey called an invited him.

January 15 -
 What a bizarre morning. It is pajama day at preschool, so since my girls didn't sleep in pj's, I took off their clothes and put on pajamas. Then, since the boys and I are going to help a fellow homeschool family process a bunch of chickens today, the three of us dressed like crap to head out the door for math class. Everything's all topsy turvy.

It was an awesome trip, though.  The boys really got to learn (and get good at) processing chickens and using the plucker, and I was able to get some good practice at cleaning them.  The boys assure me that now we can process birds even "when Daddy's not there"!


January 17-
Hoping salt isn't *that* bad for pigs. We came home to find that Daisy had raided the pantry and eaten 5 individual packages of Cheez-Its. She is now running laps and barking.

 January 18 -
Taking the girls to a princess themed fundraiser today, and they need to be all dressed up. I have asked Olive for the past 2 hours to clean her room. Wondering if she will get her cleaning done so she can get in her dress and "go to the ball".
Well, Cinderella DID get to go to the ball... and boy, was she shy!  Olive refused to stand next to any of the characters, and just hide beside her sister. But, they did get up on stage for the costume contest, and talk into the mike!


January 21-
"Can you please help me remove the pig from my cello case?"

January 23-
Hanging out during Addison's Aikido class.

January 23-
Me: "Where did Daisy get an onion?!"
Ivey: "I bet she bumped the cabinet and it just fell off the counter. I bet she prayed for an onion. We shouldn't let her pray anymore."

  January 27 -
 Addison is loving he cello! His homework was to figure putt he g major scale. He looked up the notes, said them once, and this is attempt #3 of playing it through. The kid's brain is quite a machine, and I am loving that he has a music class and director he loves!

January 30-
"Olive, piggies don't like pillow fights!"

January 31- We've had our first hockey injury!  Poor Asa sprained his ankle BIG TIME.  I had to get Ivey suited up and out on the rink before I could even take his skates off to look at it... and when I did, I knew we had to go to the hospital.  Not good!