Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nuggets from November

November 2 - Olive is just like Addison in so many ways. Her internal clock wakes her up at 6-6:30 no matter what! I bought a clock that glows green when it reaches a set time (I set it for 7:30). I made a chart, and the girls get stickers for "getting up on green". This morning, I woke at 6:35 to hear a sweet little Olive voice, calling out words to herself and spelling them, Practicing her vowels, etc. She was awake, but stayed in bed till the clock was green!

November 9 - Ivey carried a medium sized pumpkin with her to hockey last night. She carried it all the way to the rink... It was her "lucky pumpkin". (Doesn't everyone travel with a lucky pumpkin?).

Today, she wants to turn it into a "lucky pumpkin CAKE" to celebrate her goal. Sounds like a plan!

November 9 -
Me: "I am making a from-scratch pumpkin spice cake, but the kitchen is a wreck and we have no dinner."

Jeff: "That's okay, I'm making a gypsy wagon and have no house."

Sigh. We share the same neurosis.

 November 9 -
Jeff's parents took Olive to the cabin, by herself, for a few days. Randy asked her, "Olive, would you like to come back with your brothers and sister, or by yourself?"

Olive says, "With my brothers and sister. I can't drive."

November 12- I'd like to think there is a special place heaven for moms whose children are asking her about CD rates before 8am.

Today's "Letter of the Day" for Ivey's class is the letter H.   Obviously, Ivey wore her hockey helmet.

November 13 - Tip: Make sure to focus attention when you hear a five yr old say the words "I'm decorating it."

November 14 - My son tried to walk out the door this morning wearing fleece 'sweat' pants, a sweater, white socks, and sandals.

November 16 - I absolutely love that we live next door to the church, and that we get to hear the beautiful carillon bells twice a day. 

November 17- Today, Ms. Gail and I took the science class to the Tellus Science Museum.  What a great trip! 

November 19 - 
"Girls, are you guys getting dirty??"

"No. We're just playing with dirt and spit!"

November 20 - 
Just a typical car ride with Addison... "What ARE they building?!"

"The owner of CFA is building a new kind of restaurant."

"It's a good thing he has successful funding. That thing is taking forever."

 November 20 -
Asa has discovered Weird Al. He just came to me to tell me a hilarious line in Amish Paradise, "But if I finish all of my chores and you finish thine, Then tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699". He can appreciate some chore humor.

November 21 - 
Reasons why Olive cried this morning:

*"We don't have my favorite cereal so I won't eat anything!"
*"I don't want to sit anywhere that I can smell that granola bar!"
*"I can't wait. It's taking too long!"

...and more that I have obviously blocked from my memory. Sadly, I fear this is less about being 3, and more about being the combined total of ALL of her daddy and mommy's stubbornness.

 November 21 -
Olive, although the world's smallest pessimist, is quite easy to shop for. She loves Sophia the first, princesses, Minnie Mouse, dress-up... easy. Ivey, on the other hand, does not fall into a category! All of her favorite shows and movies have no merchandise (Secret of the Kells, Ruby Gloom, weird action anime cartoons that don't even hold my attention....) She does like horses and art, so that's easier... and super heroes... ooh, and pokemon. Wouldn't trade her for the world... but yowza!

 November 21 -
Olive: "Can Santa Claus bring me presents if I'm just funny?"
Me: "Well, you have to be a good girl, too."
Olive: "I can be funny."

November 22- 

November 24 - 
My girls' Christmas list...

Olive has had one thing on her list... A doll that looks "just like her but wearing a Santa hat", while Ivey has repeatedly stated that she wants Santa to bring her 2 boxes of Mac n cheese and 3 pepperoni pizzas.

November 25 - Progress on the new driveway!

 November 25 - 
Olive: "What if I traced my bottom and cutted it out and made it into minion eyes?"

  November 25 -
Olive: "What if I got runned over by a car and was flat and then pumped myself up with Ivey's bike pump?"

November 27 -
Olive picked a book she can read. Ivey picked a book with illustrations that she can use to make up elaborate plots.

November 27 - 
Asa has had a fever over 102 for 36 hours. No strep or flu, but some other nasty virus. So that we don't infect others, we will be keeping the kids in tomorrow (unsick kids in families with sick kids should be thought of as carriers), and doing out best to prevent the other 3 from getting it. Not the Thanksgiving I had in mind.... But I promised Ivey it would be a day of cookie baking and turkey crafts!

Thankful for my sweet silly girls, their amazing presentation of their original pop/musical/ballet entitled "Armwarmers!", and a husband who will sit and be their audience as they perform in the dining room floor.

November 28 - Between Addison's snoring, Ivey's leg growing pains, Olive's cough, and Asa's pitiful sick sounds (which ended up being him waking up at midnight and being sad about missing Thanksgiving), I am getting no sleep. Forget wishing I could sleep like a baby... I wish I could sleep like Jeff!

November 20 - Today's leaf-throwing and gypsy wagon progress...