Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Snippets

October 1 -

Ivey: "Asa! Don't tell momma my special secret!"
(My ears perk up)
Asa: "What's your secret?"
Ivey: "That you're a spy."

October 3- My little Ivey is such a big girl!  She can ride a bike... with no training wheels!

 October 2- A friend of a friend needed to assess our girls' expressive and receptive speech for some sort of master's project. During the test, she asked Olive (3), "Milk... water... juice... What could someone do with these three things?"

Olive's reply?

"Make a potion."

October 5 -  Ivey is now a 5 year old!  She requested a masquerade party, so we had it at the Secret Garden.  Perfect!  Huge props to Dorothy Nicole Photography!

October 7 -
Olive informed me this morning that her teacher wanted her to bring in some extra panties... to put in the wishing well.

I think she said "pennies", dear.

October 7 - I made it to Ivey's class to celebrate her birthday!

October 9 -
 Olive: "My e is silent."
Ivey (looking at the letters in Olive's name): "Olive, if you had a long e in your name, you could be Evil."

October 9 - The long-awaited fourth book in the Hero of Olympus series came out yesterday. Addison gulped down all 600 pages in 24 hours.

 October 12 -
 Ivey: "I love our new turkey! If we accidentally have two boys, can we eat one? Tonight? At our cookout?"

 October 14 -
Superhero Day at preschool. Ivey went as Jack Frost... who "flies, protects kids, and throws snowballs."

October 14-  Last month, Jeff came to me with a crazy idea... to use the scrap wood from milling for the house and use it to create, well, as gypsy wagon.  Of course, I was all in.  I mean, who doesn't want a gypsy wagon?!  So, we looked at pictures and websites for those who build and reconstruct gypsy vardos.  They were all so beautiful!  Here are pictures of what Jeff has cut so far-

October 19 -
Asa had a shockingly amazing hockey practice yesterday. Afterward, I told him that I would bake him a cake if he scored his very first goal in today's game. Looks like someone has some bakin' to do!

October 21 -
Asa: "It was so dark when we came in that I thought our house was clean."

October 22- 
Me: "Addison, your shirt is on backwards again."
Addison: "Does it really matter with tie-dye?"

October 23 - 
Me: "Girls, did you eat the apples I put in your lunchboxes?"
Olive: "Yes. But there was a stem on top that I didn't like."

October 25 - Horribly insane day. Asthma must hate this cold air. Between schoolwork, math class, music class, hockey practice, hockey game, and a pitiful 225lb buck with lame front feet that I just wrestled and scrubbed, soaked... I am in tears. Stabbing myself pretty good with hoof sheers didn't help. I QUIT.

October 28 - After a few whirlwind hectic stressful days, I was about to lose it getting the kids dressed in their costumes on Saturday. I was seconds away from a full blown explosion when Ivey said to me, "When you are nervous, count to three slowly... Then take a deep breath." Seriously. The wisdom of a 5 year old. It definitely snapped me back and gave me perspective. I think this daughter thing is pretty cool.

 October 29 - This school year is like treading water in a rocky ocean with four kids on my back! YOWZA we are too busy!!