Monday, September 30, 2013

September Cliff Notes

September 4 - Reason #893 why the universe should have never allowed for Jeff and I to be together.
Upon hearing coyote calls from the pasture behind us, we don a shotgun and crank the go kart (which happens to have fabulous headlights). Unfortunately, the mission was aborted due to a wiring failure on the lights. Shame.

September 4 - Asa had evaluations for this season of hockey.  He did great!  

September 5 - Asa's Guitar is coming right along!

September 6 - I love Fridays. There's no preschool for the girls... The boys have at-home material from their M/W Math class and remaining T/Th classes... and Jeff works from home. It's become a 10:30am-pancake-and-sausage breakfast day. Love it!

 September 6 -

Dear Holly circa 2001,
One day, you will be sitting at a kitchen table, surrounded by children... and you will mention that something made you sad. Then, a twiggy little girl with shockingly big blue eyes will ask, "Like when you tried really hard to have babies?"... and you will smile. How all of these sweet faces found themselves around my table is nothing more than a series of miracles.

September 7 -
Me: "Guys! Your daddy hurt himself and he's at the hospital. We need to go check it out."
Ivey: "Oh no!!! I liked him!!"

September 8  - Solar Kiln progress!

September 10- I guess Addison's 'recurrent stridor' wasn't for all the intubation from preemie-hood. Olive has now had 3 episodes (1 ER trip and 2 controlled at home). Hoping she don't have nearly as many ambulance rides (or as many tests, studies, pokes, probes, and prods) as he did before he outgrew it.

 September 11 - "When you have a lot of stickers on your helmet, people remember your name." ~Ivey

September 12- By 9:20, I have tended to animals, fed children, found two orange outfits for orange day at preschool, put the same shoes on the same girl twice, relocated newly hatched chicks, I started a load of laundry, bathed, unlocked and set up the school house, delivered girls to pre
school on time, delivered milk, and picked up a van load of grain. Need. More. Caffeine.

September 14- A much needed adult get-away to the lake! 

September 17 - I am SO proud of my little girl for being so tough and determined! She showed up at hockey, and through the mouth guard said, "Hey, coach!" She is LOVING this.

SO proud of Addison for being in LOVE with his cello! He is 100% obsessed with his new orchestra class, and is so happy to be in a class that "fits" him!

SO proud of Asa for reaching that "click" moment with those tough math word problems, loving his guitar class, and for reading an entire trilogy of books and begging for more.

I guess I could be proud of Olive too, for taking care of business, pulling down her britches, and peeing on the playground today at hockey? After dealing with the situation as stealthily as possible and returning to the bleachers, I hear.... "Mommy! I've got mulch in my panties!" *Sigh*

 September 18 - Although I know better, and I teach my children not to do this, I wore flip flops out to the animal area today.  Greta, who is close to 200lbs, broke my toe.  Not cool!

September 19 -

Me:  "Ivey, reacting like that was totally unacceptable. You can be upset but you CANNOT yell and over-react like that. There is only one person in this world who can do that. Do you know who that is?   Vickie."

Ivey: "Yeah. How does she talk like that? She's a grown up!"

September 21 -  Asa has a great first game!  Go Green Lightening!

 September 23 -

They girls are supposed to dress up like a community helper for preschool on wed (fireman, farmer, teacher, etc).

Olive wants to be a tooth fairy.

September 24 -   Olive absolutely adores her tumbling class at the preschool!  She loves going to a class after lunch, but Ivey prefers the free-play period.  I love that they can each choose something they love to do!

September 25

Ivey: "It's a race! I'm gonna win!"

Olive: "YES! And I'm gonna win s-l-o-w-e-r."

September 25 -

Me: "Mmm! Olive, it's good. Try it! You'll like it!"

Olive: "Nah... I won't ever like anything."

September 26 - 

Olive is digging between her bed (bottom bunk) and the bookshelf, looking for her book. (Booty is in the air.)

"I can find it, cause I have a crack."
"This is my crack"
*chuckle, chuckle.*
(referring to bottom bunk) "Only bottoms have cracks."

September 27 - Ivey MUST sleep in her sweaty jersey.