Saturday, August 31, 2013

TidBits from August

August 13- Had my annual talk about how we may be different ages, "grades", sizes, have different strengths, weaknesses, habits, quirks, and passions... and we will embrace ALL of it! I foresee another beautiful, positive, supportive year ahead.

The boys' Tues/Thurs classes are truckin' along... M/W Group math tutoring sessions in PTC... Running Club on W... Addison is in Aikido class twice a week... Orchestra/Guitar starts in Sept... Hockey practice starts in a few weeks... If a SINGLE PERSON says asks me how my kids will learn to socialize if they aren't in "school", I'll punch 'em in the nose.

August 15 - Jeff and Asa have been working on a guitar for the upcoming music class.  Hopefully they will have it completed in time!

August 18 - "Olive, it is completely silly to whine about which month it is."

Olive, in her typical matter of fact tone,
"I don't think so."

August 21- Ivey just spelled tree "chree"... Because that's how she says it.

August 27-
 What am I going to do with this girl??
Me: "When we get to the schoolhouse, we need to be quiet so the big kids can concentrate."
Olive:"Yay! Can I concentrate?"
Me:"Yes! Concentrating means paying very close attention!"
Olive: "Oh, I think I'll do something cool instead."

August 30-
Ivey loved hockey tonight!! She worked her butt off, was sad when it was over, and wouldn't take off her equipment until we were back home and I bribed her with cake!  I asked her how she learned to skate so well in such a short time, and she said, "My coach taught me!"