Saturday, June 29, 2013

Humor in a Hurry

While the grandparents were out of town, Jeff and I had to make arrangements to get Addison to aikido Tuesday night.  Taking all the kids is just, well, a nightmare... so the plan was for Jeff to make his way home in time to take him.  Of course, he was running late leaving the office, so it was a mad dash.  Jeff had called me several times for progress updates on dinner, kids, Addison's readiness, etc. 

Jeff rushed in the door, grabbed Addison, and left in a flash.  On the way, he called me to ask about a cut through that I use.

I didn't answer.

"Good grief.  I hate when your mom does that.  I KNOW she has her phone.  I KNOW that it's charged.  Why doesn't she answer?"

Addison looked up from his book and casually said, "Sometimes, I think she gets overwhelmed."

Jeff asked, "Why would you think that, Addison?"

"Well, she does have a lot of kids," he replied.

"Well, Addison.  Aren't you one of those kids?"


"Well, Addison.  Do you overwhelm your mother?"

Addison looked up with a smirk.  "Well, she answered the phone when I was at home."

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