Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Big 1-0

My boys are now 10.  It has been a decade since I survived my time in that hospital room... since I held my breath and prayed that they would survive just one more day in the womb.  I a in awe of the little men they have become.  They are responsible, bright, loving, and kind.  I could not be more proud of either of them.

I used to sit up the night before each of my kids' birthdays, pouring over old videos and pictures of their birth in the silence of a still house.  Now, I sit with them all... who are sitting in my lap and leaning over my shoulders.  Asking questions.  Laughing at how tiny they were.  Squirming at their gooey little naked bodies on the screen.  They have all grown into such amazing little people, and I am incredibly thankful for the privilege of being their mommy.

The boys had a small family party on their actual birthday, and opted to wait for a big joint triple birthday extravaganza with Anna at the lake!  They will be inviting school friends for an overnight birthday bash.  Fun!

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