Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Memories from December

December 2 -  Olive (at breakfast): "Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English muffin."

December 4- 
I took just my girls to the library. Just my girls. They are excited about reading and wanted to see if there were more books they could figure out.

An older woman recognized them from last year, and stopped to say hello. She figured out that Ivey was in the 3 yr old class then, and inquired about this year... I gracefully explained her new k5 class, trying to just smile and keep it short and sweet. It was clear there was concern. And then, she dropped the, "how can you do that?" There was as a familiar frown. Not sure of the exact words, but she was concerned that they had to be 'on track' for school.

I swear, this crap makes me livid. I simply stated that we homeschool, and I don't give one care what-so-ever about September 1st.

There are great educators who teach in all different types of settings, including public schools. I know. I have worked there. And then there are people so ingrained into the "system" that they have completely forgotten, or never knew, what it actually means to EDUCATE. What they call education should be called "synchronized development management". Learning for the sake of acquiring knowledge at the rate in which your individual mind can and will process it is beyond their grasp. I get that it is a difficult/impossible thing to accomplish in a large group environment... Believe me. I get it. But to lose all sight that there is ANY other way is sad. To think my girls should be sitting through learning what an 'A' looks like just because of their age is ridiculous.

Because of this and more, I know that I can never reacclimate to public education. I wasn't too hot at keeping my mouth shut and going with the system when I was there.

December 6 -  Meet Daisy!  Our new baby potbelly pig!

December 7 - The boys took part in Anna's church's Christmas play this year!  They all did such an amazing job!

December 8 -
Just swallowed the cap off of my back tooth. Ouch!!! I was jumping around being all dramatic about it when Ivey brought me back to reality...

"Calm down, mommy. You'll poop it out."

 December 8 - We brought home our new baby today!  Squee!  

December 13 - The Math Bunch!

December 14-
Do you wonder if what you say to or around your kids sticks? Listen to them pretend play. Ivey's doll just told her other doll, "I am very mad right now. I still love you very much, but I am mad."


December 16 - 
Olive, commenting on the handicap bathroom stall.

"This is a pentagon. Actually, it's a potagon."

December 17 - 
Olive (My independent less than social child): "Mommy, leave me alone."

Me: "Olive! That's not okay. If you want to have alone time, you need to find a nicer way to say it!"

Olive: "Please leave me alone."

December 22
Good grief. Neighbors across the street are throwing a Christmas party... And my guineas and turkeys are standing at the edge of our yard, screaming at the arriving guests. *sigh*

 December 25 - Olive woke up twice last night, crying out in her sleep and writhing around. I couldn't figure out why, but worked to settle her back down. The third time she did it, she was still asleep and crying out, "Santa Clause is hurting my LEGS!!" Ahh... Christmas-time growing pains! After some ibuprofen, she was good to go.

  December 25 -
The girls are playing and I heard: "I am the evil queen! Rudolph, you will NOT go down in history! Ha ha!"

December 27- 
Me: "Olive, next year you will get to pick a music class of your very own!"
Olive (very excited, with a gasp and huge smile): "I get to teach myself?!!!"

December 27 - 
Olive: "Before I was born, was I on a different planet?"

December 29 - 
Me: "Olive, it would have been nice if you had not drained the water before I rinsed your hair."

Olive: "Maybe I'll listen tomorrow."

December 31- 
Addison: "I just wish I could get a good taco without having to sit through all those chips and loud music."