Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving, without the Turkey

What a weird Thanksgiving we have had this year.  Last week, we learned that Randy had to have bypass surgery.  At first, it was a single bypass and they scheduled it a few weeks out.  Then, it changed to a triple and it couldn't wait.  They scheduled it for last Friday.  At the last minute, they changed it to the following Monday... and then it changed again to Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  At some point, the triple changed to a quintuple, if that is even the correct way to say it.  For a family of anxiety-ridden people, it was no fun at all to get psyched up for surgery only to have it changed so many times.

By the time Wednesday came around, Jeff and I were both huge balls of worry.  Jeff paced and scowled, which is what Jeff's do best.  I explained that it was routine... that is a common surgery... and that he is young.   I compared it to Addison's pyloric stenosis surgery when he was only 4lbs and we were scared out of our minds.  At the time, they told us it was routine and something they see all the time.  At that moment, we were terrified as it was all unknown to us.  But, looking back, it was a routine surgery and nothing out of the ordinary.  Now, Addison would have never known he even had surgery except for that big scar across his chest.  I was so used to playing the role of the calming wife that it shocked me when Jeff asked me a question and I burst into tears when I tried to respond.   Yes, bypass surgery is routine.  But, it's not routine for us.

For the past week, Granddaddy has had doctor's appointments and medications to fill and all kinds of things that are out of the ordinary.  Jeff filled in for Randy and took the boys to their Aikido lessons on Tuesday.  We usually head over to their place for dinner on Tuesdays and then Randy and the boys go to Aikido afterward.  I figured Randy would be, I don't know, prepping for the big day?  Silly me, he convinced Linda to cook up some chili and have us all over anyway.  These kids have him so SNOWED!  That night, I really noticed how much the kids jump, pounce, crawl on, and generally attack their granddaddy... all of which is totally egged on.  Good grief, this recovery isn't going to be easy with these four around!  Well, I guess it would be even harder without them.

Randy has been out of commission since Wednesday morning, and we, I, miss those phone calls and typical drop in visits.  I didn't realize how weird it would be if he didn't call for his twice a day check-ins... especially since I usually have to let him go as I am juggling math lessons, pots boiling over, and at least one preschooler shinnying up my leg.  I can't wait until he feels good enough to check on his "herd", and laugh at me when I tell him exactly what's up at our madhouse.

So, we spent Thanksgiving without the big Turkey... and we realized that the rest of the meal just isn't the same without him.  Who else is going to sneak the kids Dove chocolates even if they didn't eat their veggies?

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