Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

Olive has hit a phase that I am remembering all too well with Ivey.  She is having very vivid dreams... some good, some bad, but most cause a nightly disturbance.  Children often have nighmares and vivid dreams at this age.  They are more independent, interact more with the world around them, and are very busy!  Their imaginations, as well as their feet, are running wild.  All of my four went through this.  For Ivey, it was all about coyotes, foxes, and frogs.  These mischievous critters would somehow find their way into her bed at night, causing all out hysterics.  (Look back to the post on my homemade coyote/fox/frog repellant.)  I remember Asa and Addison going through similar phases, although this predates my blogging habit.

A few months ago, I heard shouts from the girls' room.  They weren't screams, just "Mommy.  Come here.  Mommy.  I need you."  I opened the door to find Olive standing there, in the dark.  She appeared to be mostly asleep.  Without even looking up, she said, "Can you get the shrimp out of my bed?"  I took her to bed, got rid of any hidden shrimp, and she was perfectly fine.  Since then, she has had some less benign nights of "bugs" in her bed.  The other night, she showed up at the side of our bed and said, in her super deep voice, "Momma.  There's a monster in my bed."  I was too exhausted to take her back to bed, much less battle monsters, so I pulled her up into bed with us.  I'm not sure how much time went by, but I was sure she was asleep for at least 30 minutes.  Then, out of the dark, she asks me when I was going to go get that monster.  The girl just figured I was resting up.  Once I told her she could sleep with me, that's exactly what she did.  The next morning, I realized that she and I had left Ivey in the room to fend for herself.  Luckily, she's on the top bunk.

Tonight, at 11:30, I just heard Olive yell out for help.  It wasn't a scream of terror, just a loud, matter of fact statement that assistance is required.  She was sitting up in her bed, looked at me and explained, "There's a big mess.  Can you clean it up?  All of the ice fell out of my cup and made a mess."  Her eyes then rolled back and she fell completely forward, fast asleep.  I have a feeling this girl's sleep disturbance phase is going to rival her daddy's bizarre sleep behavior in his twenties.  When we first were married, the man would leap from a deep sleep, bound across the room, in the dark, and I would have to talk him down from a perched position on top of the dressed.  Yes, on TOP of the dresser.  There were mice in the bed, sleep walking, more sleep LEAPING, and he even would solve his coding issues out loud.  Yes, he would speak techno-babble in his sleep.  How exciting is that?

For now, the ice has probably melted in Olive's dream.  Perhaps I should make a smart move and head to bed, myself.  You never know when the next shrimp could strike.

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