Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day!

Yesterday, the girls and I went shopping for preschool.  They really needed some tennis shoes that they could run and play in.  We have been in flip flops and sandals all summer!  Out of the entire shoe department, she only wanted shiny red and blue SpiderMan shoes.  She didn't even know they lit up when she walked- BONUS!  Olive picked out a pair of red and black Minnie Mouse shoes.  The two of them were on cloud nine with their purchases!

This morning, the two of them were up, fed, dressed, and donning bright new shoes.  It was Ivey's first day of class.  Olive was going to meet her teacher for orientation.  The church gives each student a blue tote bag, which we use year to year.  This year, Ivey's teacher mentioned that they could decorate their bags and make them "theirs".  Well, we took that seriously.  The girls both picked out two fabrics each from my big massive stash of unfinished or never started sewing projects.  I then went to work jazzing up their bags! 

Both girls bounced in the doors of the church.  They went to their classes, with big smiles on their faces and springs on their feet.  I knew Ivey would be just fine, but I wasn't sure about Olive.  Olive had a less than stellar year last year in the 1 year old room.  She never spoke.  I don't think she was comfortable, or felt like she should have been there.  I don't really blame her.  If I hadn't needed her to be there, she would have been pulled out mid-year.  But, she made it through the blah.  Now, I could not be more excited about her room!  She has fabulous teachers who already know and love her!  And... her buddy Carris is in her class!  She was only there for an hour today, but talked up a storm, colored a picture, and had a blast!  She actually talked to her teacher enough for them to know that she had fallen in the parking lot and skinned her knee.  I am absolutely positive she will have the best year should could possibly have!  YAY!

Ivey is my social butterfly.  I'm not worried about her... I may be worried about everyone else, though!  Hold on to your hats, three year olds.  Ivey is here to make sure you are doing the right thing at the right time!  I'm sure that, in a few weeks, I will be hearing about how Ivey has taught the class how to play zombie tag or something else relatively harmless but inappropriate, nonetheless!

Tomorrow, the full school year system that I set up in February will be in effect.  Between Gina (who we have missed terribly over the summer!), Kristen, Linda, Randy, and Mom, things should fall into place.  I'm just so glad I was able to take each one of them to their orientations, meet their teachers and classmates (and their parents), and see them off in their shiny new school shoes and jazzy bags.  They are getting so big!

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