Monday, August 20, 2012

Where I've Been

Dear Children,

One day, you may go back through this and wonder what happened to me in July and August 2012 that I could not post about your whimsical cuteness with such fervor.  It is not that you aren't adorable, or say crazy things, or decide to do very blog-worthy inappropriate things in public on a regular basis.  It is simply this:  That crazy school that you went to... across from your house... with a group of kids that you were in class with twice a week... you know, the one that you probably place blame on for some social, educational, or intellectual flaw that you may have developed later in life?  Well, this is the year that it grew from 5 students and 3 teachers to 18 students and 8 teachers.  I love you dearly, so dearly that I want the absolute best for you.  Hence, a dark two months of Mommy Blogging.

Give me a week or two...

I'll be back in a groove and ready to post one embarrassing moment after another!


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