Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Swim Graduate!

Olive did it!  She has successfully finished her ISR lessons!  I cannot say enough about the program.  It is just amazing.  I was in awe of the approach after watching Asa and Addison swim like fish, and float to rest with ease, at 25 months old.  Ivey had mastered it at 22 months.  Now, Olive is my last to get through the program!  She is way more fond of floating than swimming... and as a mommy with safety and survival in mind, that's just fine!   It took her only 4 weeks to graduate.  I am so very proud of her!

Last week, she had to take some time off because of swimmer's ear.  During the break, she decided to teach Brobee how to float and rest like a "beautiful starfish" and then flip and swim and "kick, kick, kick!"  

In order to test out, the little ones have to show their swim and float skills in full winter clothes.  Why?  Because children don't just fall in the water and drown in the summertime!  Clothes are heavy when wet, and swimming in tennis shoes isn't easy.  Olive did awesome!

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