Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Day With Ivey

It has been a very busy couple weeks, and Grandmomma and Granddaddy have come to the rescue... often.  Between meeting with prospective parents, interviewing new teachers, and being interviewed myself, they have helped us out tremendously.  Yesterday, I had a luncheon to go to... for Kristen's wedding this weekend.  I had plans in place.  The boys and Ivey are easy, and mostly entertain themselves... so they would stay home as Jeff worked, and Olive would go spend the day with Granddaddy. 

The problem with this plan? 

No one asked Ivey.

As I got ready to go, she was very interested.  Was I going to church?  Was it a meeting?  Can I go?  I want to wear a dress! 

I explained to her that there wouldn't be any kids there. 

She responded, "But there will be girls."

With that, we found a dress to wear, some pretty shoes, and I braided her hair into a band across her forehead.  She was in heaven.  She skipped off to show Daddy her beautiful hair, and we left.

Honestly, I have been living by the seat of my pants to the point that I knew where we were meeting, but I had no idea what we were doing.  On the way, I found out... We were all getting on a bus and heading to Serenbe for lunch.

Ivey was a bit shy as we stood around, but once on the bus, she was amazed.  If we were getting on a bus, it was obviously going to be the best day ever!  She sat, completely quiet, and looked out the window as we drove the 45 minutes to Serenbe. 

First, we ate at "The Hil", toasting to Kristen and wishing her all the best!  The food that is served comes from the Serenbe Farms... close proximity farm to table.  It was wonderful.  After lunch and dessert, we wandered through the shops.  Ivey ooh'd and aaah'd over the jewelry and the charms.  Anything shiny is a hit for her!  I am so impressed with her maturity level for a 3 1/2 year old.  She just wanted to be part of the big girls... She just wanted to do what we were doing.  It was great to spend one on one time with her!

As the hours ticked by, she did start to get grumpy.  We all took a tour of the HGTV Green Home.  Upon entering, they give everyone a pair of blue paper booties to put on over your shoes... to protect the floors.  Ivey flat out refused.  She wasn't about to put those ugly things on her feet, and it didn't matter who asked her.  It wasn't happening!  So, I carried her.   She also wasn't big on the modern decor (either was I).  Even the kids' room with an awesome loft didn't impress her.  "That is not cute."  She quietly told me.  Well, the girl knows what she likes!

We made it through, and once on the bus, she perked up a bit.  At one point, she leaned her skinny little body over the seat in front of her and told Mim, "This is awesome."  She had a great day with the girls, and she impressed us all! 

 Now, let's hope things with my children go as smoothly for the wedding!

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