Monday, May 28, 2012

Laundry Duty.

I have been behind on laundry.  In our house, if we don't do laundry for a couple days, it really adds up.  And, it has been longer than a couple days. 

We have not seen our loveseat in quite some time, as it has been swallowed by a massive heap of clean, unfolded clothing.  I finally stayed up last night, folding, and folding, and folding.  Although I put a lot of it away, the loveseat was still covered in laundry-- just now it was folded and sorted into piles.

Jeff and I were moving slowly this morning.  The girls were happily playing in the living room, so I lounged in bed for as long as they would let me.  When I finally got my lazy self up and peeked into the living room I saw that a few of my nice neat piles were strewn all over the floor.  I would have reacted to this in a stern, but "ah well, it was worth the little bit of extra sleep" way... until I saw Olive's naked tush.

"Olive!  You are not wearing a diaper!  Oh no!  Did you pee pee on the floor?"

Ivey answered for her, "Yes.  She did.  But, I cleaned it up."

I took in one deep, meditative breath and asked her, "What did you use to clean it up?"

"These clothes right here."  She replied, matter-of-factly.


So much for trying to get caught up.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Day With Ivey

It has been a very busy couple weeks, and Grandmomma and Granddaddy have come to the rescue... often.  Between meeting with prospective parents, interviewing new teachers, and being interviewed myself, they have helped us out tremendously.  Yesterday, I had a luncheon to go to... for Kristen's wedding this weekend.  I had plans in place.  The boys and Ivey are easy, and mostly entertain themselves... so they would stay home as Jeff worked, and Olive would go spend the day with Granddaddy. 

The problem with this plan? 

No one asked Ivey.

As I got ready to go, she was very interested.  Was I going to church?  Was it a meeting?  Can I go?  I want to wear a dress! 

I explained to her that there wouldn't be any kids there. 

She responded, "But there will be girls."

With that, we found a dress to wear, some pretty shoes, and I braided her hair into a band across her forehead.  She was in heaven.  She skipped off to show Daddy her beautiful hair, and we left.

Honestly, I have been living by the seat of my pants to the point that I knew where we were meeting, but I had no idea what we were doing.  On the way, I found out... We were all getting on a bus and heading to Serenbe for lunch.

Ivey was a bit shy as we stood around, but once on the bus, she was amazed.  If we were getting on a bus, it was obviously going to be the best day ever!  She sat, completely quiet, and looked out the window as we drove the 45 minutes to Serenbe. 

First, we ate at "The Hil", toasting to Kristen and wishing her all the best!  The food that is served comes from the Serenbe Farms... close proximity farm to table.  It was wonderful.  After lunch and dessert, we wandered through the shops.  Ivey ooh'd and aaah'd over the jewelry and the charms.  Anything shiny is a hit for her!  I am so impressed with her maturity level for a 3 1/2 year old.  She just wanted to be part of the big girls... She just wanted to do what we were doing.  It was great to spend one on one time with her!

As the hours ticked by, she did start to get grumpy.  We all took a tour of the HGTV Green Home.  Upon entering, they give everyone a pair of blue paper booties to put on over your shoes... to protect the floors.  Ivey flat out refused.  She wasn't about to put those ugly things on her feet, and it didn't matter who asked her.  It wasn't happening!  So, I carried her.   She also wasn't big on the modern decor (either was I).  Even the kids' room with an awesome loft didn't impress her.  "That is not cute."  She quietly told me.  Well, the girl knows what she likes!

We made it through, and once on the bus, she perked up a bit.  At one point, she leaned her skinny little body over the seat in front of her and told Mim, "This is awesome."  She had a great day with the girls, and she impressed us all! 

 Now, let's hope things with my children go as smoothly for the wedding!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Boys

One year ago today, we had living back in the 'ville for less than a year. We weren't yet in a home "of our own"... and we were not yet in a class of fellow homeschoolers. That school year was the year of the colicky baby, who took frequent naps... limiting our availability for homeschool park days or that PE class that sounded so fun. It was a good birthday, but it lacked other children... it lacked friends. The boys enjoyed it, but did have some disappointment. It was one of the times that made them miss their old house, and the friends that they left behind.

This week, my boys turned 9. They spent it bubbling over with excitement, and plans, and smiles. Their birthday landed at an awesome time. It was at the end of our last week of school. The actual day was on a Friday, and it was the night of our big class dinner, celebrating one full year old the Inman Hybrid Homeschool Class. The parents did an amazing job with the food and decorations... and our little classroom was filled to the brim with family, friends, and teachers... who all know them, love them, and have invested their time and energy to supporting their education. Asa was given the "Most Enthusiastic" award. Addison, the "Most Inquisitive". They received their writing folders, and were recognized for a job well done!

The next day, we met with the grandparents, Mike, Hal & Jen for Hibachi (Asa's choice). For me, it was awesome. I didn't have to clean the neglected disaster area that was (and still is) my house! Addison requested a triple chocolate cake from City Cafe. I love my kids' taste! It was Olive's first time at hibachi, and Ivey was too young to remember the time that she came. So, they were all wide-eyed and in awe!

Because we homeschool, we were able to have our friends' party on the following Monday... which meant bargain skate night! Yay! We met at Upscale pizza and ate, had cake, and opened presents. Then, we all caravanned over to the skating rink for a couple hours of fun! Although I was a bit nervous, no bones were broken. Any kids' party that doesn't end up with a trip to the ER is a success in my book!

My little boys are not so little any more. I can't even place the moment where the chubby faced toddlers vanished and were replaced by these long legged children whose flip-flops I can slip into to check the mail. These beautiful days of laughing along with Mommy as she sings like a loon in the car are limited, and I am well aware. For now, I am so thankful that I am lucky enough to spend so very much time with them... learning with them, farming with them, and sharing in this crazy life we lead.

Love you, boys.
Happy 9th Birthday!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ortho OCD

Addison has been out of his Phase 1 braces for a couple months now.  They were replaced with a built-in retainer appliance, that will remain in place until he gets his Phase 2 braces (after his adult teeth come in).  Both of my boys have always loved going to the dentist.  They look forward to the visits, they brush and floss, they definitely take good care of their teeth.  Because of his trips to the orthodontist, Addison has been paying even closer attention to oral hygiene in the past year.  He complains that he doesn't have dental floss with him in restaurants.  He triple brushes after eating sweets.  He uses his water pick three times a day, or more.  This is partly due to his need to be, well, perfect... and partly due to the fact that he has had some painful teeth experiences in the past year.  Not just any 8 year old could keep braces clean!

Ever since he got his water pick, he has been adamant on getting every piece of food from between his teeth after he eats anything.  He gives me long explanations of how certain teeth have shifted in certain ways, leading to changes in gaps, which result in excess food collection.  Tonight, after careful cleaning, he came in to describe to me the gap that he had brought up twice that morning.  He explained that having a larger gap between these two particular teeth right now is a good thing in a way, since most food is all collecting now in one, easy to clean area.  However, he explained that it could be a bad thing, in that it is possible that more food is collecting as a whole than would otherwise.  I listened, trying to pay attention to his very detailed descriptions and theoretical dental scenarios.  I then asked him, "Addison, do you think you want to be a dentist when you grow up?"

He smirked a little.

"No.  But, I could just do it as a hobby."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Big Girl Beds

My very tall girls have moved from their toddler beds and into their "big girl beds"!  A short time ago, I put a bug in Granddaddy's ear that the girls could use a mini loft... with a very low platform bed underneath.  I sent some pictures, and knew that it would be no time before the basement would be full of action.

Using the lumber that was milled by Jeff and Randy from trees in their backyard, a bed was made.  These girls couldn't be happier!  I know that a lot of three year olds are still in toddler beds, and I know that a lot of two year olds are still in a crib.  But, my two year old hasn't been in a crib since she was 14 months old.  It only seems logical that Ivey, at 3 1/2, should be in a loft, right?

The girls' room is bigger, they have a new place to play, and so far, no one has crashed.  To top it off, they get to use the big twin quilts that Santa brought them!  Great job, Granddaddy!