Thursday, April 26, 2012

Learning Lounge

Thanks to a tiny 10 minute grocery store stop by my wonderful husband, the kids and I were able to spend the entire day in our pajamas.  We left the house only to go out to the chickens, goats, and garden. Even that was done in our pajamas.  The boys finished their school work, even completing their posters on an amendment to the Constitution of their choice 3 days early.  The girls went through an entire stack of post-it notes, counting them as they put them into containers... all the way up to twenty-one.  They laid out all of our metal bowls on the kitchen floor, banging on them with spoons.  They had a parade.  They even ran through the house, catching imaginary monkeys and storing them in the pantry.  To an outsider, we probably looked like lazy bums.  But, to me, our day was a day of comfortable, warm, fuzzy, loud, playful learning.

The other day, I actually went into a bookstore.  Walking down the children's fiction isle, I saw a book cover that made me stop.  The gears and cogs all over the black and white dust jacket instantly made me think of Asa.  It looked a little bit like a Tim Burton movie.  Just a little quirky and twisty.  Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms.  Asa's eyes lit up.  He opened it, stayed up late reading it at night, and even brought it in the car on errands!  He even announced at school that he is now a "reader".  Tonight, he came into my room, book in hand, and asked me to find him another good book.  He finished this one in about a week!

Later this week, Ivey informed me that she wanted to do school with Mommy.  She had seen the big shiny red box of phonics curriculum that I bought for her and Olive, and she must have filed it away.  She wanted me to get out her ABC book and do "school" at the table.  And so... that's what we did.  She already knows her letters and has started to learn letter sounds.  So, I cracked open that crisp clean workbook and we went through the first lesson... The Letter A.  She did a great job.  She wasn't wild, crazy, bonkers Ivey, who makes crazy honking noises and crosses her eyes when she's put on the spot.  She was a big girl.  She wanted to draw the letters, and match the sounds.  I opened my eyes and saw my beautiful girl as the big girl that she is.  Sure, I still rock her at night, she still wants me to hold her.  She still whines too much.  But, she has gotten so big... and she embraces it.

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