Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beautiful Music

The kids had their recital last night!  It was a big night, and the whole group did a fabulous job.  They played "In the Morning" in unison... and they did so beautifully!  The suzuki-esque piano lessons that they have been taking this year at our hybrid school have been such a hit.  The fact that their classmates are all working, together, on the same creative outlet has been so motivating for them.  I am a believer in the Suzuki method, but more importantly, I am a believer in just surrounding kids with music, with possibilities for learning music, and letting them grow.  As I plan out another year at our school house, I really hope that I can find a band director who would be willing to help me start a homeschool community band.  At the moment, I have no idea how, but I am sure it will happen!

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