Monday, February 27, 2012

Now I'm Two.

Olive My Love is now two.  She has stopped referring to herself as "the baby".  From now on, she's "big girl Olive".  She's two, she knows it, and she's so proud that she beams.  It's funny... In a way, she seems so much older than a girl who just turned two.  Her comprehension and vocabulary is through the roof.  She's a little girl in the making, and she knows what she wants.

For this birthday party, she was very clear.  She wanted Woody from Toy Story.  Not Buzz.  "Just Woody".  She did decide to later include Jessie into the mix, but still no Buzz!  So, armed with a Woody cake and some great party cowboy/girl hats (thanks, Mom!), she had herself an awesome little party!

So much has happened to us since Olive was born that I cannot say, "I can't believe my baby is two".  We have moved twice since she was born, we worked on two different renovation projects, we tore down the shack on our new property and began paving the way towards cutting in a driveway for our future home, we bought a sawmill and learned to cut lumber, we started a hybrid school for Asa and Addison to have a great education experience.... I can believe that she is two.  Not only has it seemed like a big two years, but she is just such a big girl.  Independent, funny, feisty, cuddly, and smart as can be.   I love you, Olive Amelia.  We all do.  And, we would have been so incomplete had you not come in and rounded off our life.

Happy Birthday, Big Girl.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our New Routine: The Nightly Bear Hunt

It seems that Ivey has prompted a new routine at our house.... the post-dinner, pre-bedtime "bear hunt".  First of all, there is no hunting of bears.  It is more like a "let's run around, find each other, and scream" hunt. Whatever its name, it's loud, crazy, and a whole lotta fun.

First, we have to do a run through of the house to clean up toys and shoes that we could trip and injure ourselves on.  (This addition was my idea... less for safety and more for a nightly clean up!)  Next, the girls have to get their flashlights ready while the boys find appropriate "monster", bear, or animal costumes.  Then, the majority of the lights in the house go out.  I do leave the utility room light on... safety first, right?  This is when the girls start hunting.

Armed with flashlights, giddy grins, and extremely shrill voices, they search room by room... until....


Asa or Addison leap out of the darkness with a roaring yell, reveling in their ability to create such an amazing reaction out of their sisters.  While the girls pull themselves back together from the shock, excitement, and pure joy of it all, the boys run off into the darkness to find a new spot to hide.  And so, it continues until the mean parents say it's time for bed.

Currently, we are on night four of the "bear hunts".  Ivey looks forward to them every afternoon... explaining that we MUST hunt for bears as soon as it gets dark.  We'll see how long the trend continues... as for me, I don't mind it one bit!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trip to the Poultry Show

Today, the three "big" kids and I headed to Newnan to the big poultry show.  I have been to a few goat shows before (even won a few ribbons), but never to a poultry show!  With our newfound respect for biosecurity, we went prepared.  The kids and I wore clothes and shoes that could all be washed in hot water.  We each took a full change of clothes (and shoes) with us, and changed after the show at Grandmomma and Granddaddy's house.  Everything we wore to the show went right into a trash bag... and right into the washer.  I'm not sure how people buy birds at these shows without risking taking a silent carrier home to infect their flock.  No amount of quarantine will show that you have a carrier of some horrible respiratory illness!  We learned the hard way, and now that we have a totally closed flock, we aren't taking any chances!

The kids and I really enjoyed the show.  The judges walked around to judge the birds... no ring or parading around (I was wondering how they would get a chicken to "show"!).  There were gorgeous chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.  Ivey was really in love with the silkies.  Her and Asa both went nuts over them.... like many other people are these days.  Who knows, maybe we have a pet silkie in our future.  I was surprised to have been drawn to the geese, of all things.  I know they can be very mean, but these show geese were absolutely fabulous looking.  When we finally move to the farm, we may have to research the values and benefits of raising geese!