Thursday, January 5, 2012

Survival Mode

Lately, we have just been on survival mode.  We are in the midst of another move.  A very weird move.  A move across the yard.  Most people pack up their boxes, move to a house, and unpack their boxes.  Not us.  We sold 1/3 of our things, packed up boxes, stored most of those boxes in a barn, and lived off of the necessities in my parents' house for 16 months. 

Now, I am getting things out of storage.  I am washing each and every pot, pan, dish, fork, and spoon.  Washing every towel and sheet.  Remembering that I used to use my rice cooker about once a week.  Remembering that we used to make ice cream, make cheese, and that I actually own a budnt pan.  It has been so theaputic to see that all of the things we used to have are still there... that is, unless we had sold them!   So... we need bedroom furniture, a desk, lots of shelves, and an entertainment center... even if we are living straight out of the boxes, it will still feel pretty darn good!

The kids are getting very excited about the move, too.  Ivey has been putting things away in her new room and the boys must have made 80 wagon trips back and forth with loads of their things.  If we can get clothes, the fridge, and the girls' beds moved, we should be sleeping there as of this weekend.  Even if we have to run back and forth for all the other things that haven't made it across the yard just yet!  One step closer to beginning our timber frame home adventure!

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